9U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30.

5-Tool - Morrison 9U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb and Oakland Counties League:MABF
Contact:John Morrison
Team Info:The 9U team will compete in 4-5 local tournaments and in the MABF. We are currently looking for 1-2 more players with pitching experience to complete our roster. 5-Tool Baseball is an elite training facility for baseball and softball located in Shelby Twp., Michigan. Our indoor training facility, 5TB Training Center, is located inside the brand new Premier Sports Center in Shelby Township.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 - 2 more players with pitching experience please contact John Morrison @ 586-634-5321 or dcgdjohn@gmail.com for a private tryout.

Anchor Bay Angels - Marinco 9U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb/Oakland League:Mabf-Tournaments
Contact:Aaron Marinco
Team Info: Will participate in the MABF, 5 to 6 tournaments most local. Will train in Angels facility in the winter time and get professional coaching from the staff.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 to 2 players to complete roster. Please contact Coach Aaron Marinco for a private tryout at email or phone number listed.

Ann Arbor Wolves 9U (2018)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:
Contact:JOE MEAD
Team Info:We are Definitive Sports Program... A Youth sports organization that offers Youth Travel Baseball (Ages 9-14), Youth Football and Cheer Teams (Ages 7-14). We also have hopes of expanding into other areas of sports as we are able to grow. We exist to allow children the opportunity to grow their skills as well as learn impactful lifelong lessons such as, hard work, dedication, discipline, respect, team work & so much more. As most of us know, sports are a great way to teach children these and many other valuable lessons. At DSP, we would like this experience to be about so much more than just the game. We hope you'll consider us and look forward to seeing you on the field!
Tryout Notes:Looking for players & coaches for ages 9, 10, 13 & 14 for the upcoming 2017-18 Season. Contact organization to schedule tryouts.

Baseball Utility 9U (2018)

City/Area:Detroit Metro League:Tournament only
Contact:Brad Mumma
Team Info:We are about development. We have the best off season program around. 20 weeks and around 80 hours you'll be instructed by a staff that has played or coached in college or in professional baseball. All baseball skills will be covered and it is all inclusive including speed and strengthLance Long former Detroit Lion), classroom learning, nutrition, recruiting assistance, and much more.Pro instructors: Adam Rosales Current Utility player on Oakland A's, Brad Mumma 9 seasons in pro baseball, Eddie Lara over a decade in pro baseball, guest instructors Joe Roa former Major leaguer, Larry Feola long time pro, and many more. Joe Small former college all american and college coach is the coordinator. Many other current and former college players are involved.

Bloomfield Sting 9U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF
Contact:David Przygoda
Team Info:2018 U9 Bloomfield Sting looking to complete its roster by adding 1-2 players to its roster.
Tryout Notes: Tryouts are held on an individual basis.Please contact Head Coach, Dave Przygoda to schedule a private workout.Dave@dscontractors.com or 313-779-8736

Gorillas Baseball 9U (2018)

City/Area:West Michigan League:Tournament & GRABL
Contact:Brian Ferrick
Team Info:Gorillas Baseball is a non-profit organization looking for players who want to learn the game of baseball, get better, become a more disciplined person, and have a blast between the lines. Our coaching staff has many years of experience and we have coaches who have played big time baseball and understand how to improve young boys and young men. We stress fundamentals, repetitions, and teaching the boys they can control their attitude, their effort, and their amount of fun. We are all about our kids and we look for great families since we spend our summers together. In our second year we have had lots of success and many tournament wins and championships. We hope to keep growing and improving. We play 7-10 tournaments, 3-4 out of town our tournaments begin late April and end in early August. We then begin off season training in early November once per week. We try and work around other sports and encourage multi-sport athletes. If you want join a great group of kids, coaches, and families give Brian Ferrick a call 616-485-1603 or shoot him an email at bferrickldmi@hotmail.com. GOOOOORILLAS!
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2-4 9U players especially pitchers and catchers. 10U is looking for 1-2 big hitting outfielders.

Green Machine 9U (2018)

City/Area:Troy/Birmingham/Clawson League:NOBF
Contact:Mike Rondeau
Team Info:The Troy Green Machine are looking to add one more player for their 2018 season. All positions welcome.
Tryout Notes:To schedule a private workout, please contact Mike Rondeau at 248-986-3396 or e-mail at mkrondeau@yahoo.com

Hartland Eagles 9U (2018)

City/Area:Hartland/Liv County League:KVBSA
Contact:Dan Gregory
734 -732-0059
Team Info:We will play 18-20 games and will do 3-4 tournaments with one of those being out of town.
Tryout Notes:Hartland 9U 2018 season looking for a couple more players. A Tryout can will be scheduled on individual basis, please contact Dan Gregory.

JET BOX 9U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland/Macomb League:NOBF
Contact:Phil Kommer
Team Info:We will play in the NOBF and in 4-5 Tournaments. Indoor training will be at the Jet Box Indoor Facility starting in December.
Tryout Notes:Please contact Coach Kommer to schedule a Private Workout at the Jet Box Indoor Facility in Utica. We are looking for a Catcher and 2 Pitchers preferably with travel baseball experience.

Macomb Patriots 9U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Matthew Kunes
Team Info:The Macomb Patriots focus on player development above all else. We are a nonprofit so our sole focus is on the kids NOT profit. The systems we use to coach and train our players are second to none. The Macomb Patriots consist of elite managers and coaches which produce elite baseball players to compete in elite leagues and elite tournaments. The club's commitment to its players is to provide instruction at the highest level and to provide opportunity to achieve baseball excellence. This age group will be exposed to the fundamentals of the game as we teach at all of our age levels. Team practice staring in December. Practice schedule will be through March and include training each week to ensure player development. In addition to MABF we will play in 4-7 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 to 2 players to complete roster. Please contact Coach Matt Kunes for a private tryout at email or phone number listed.

MCBC Hit Dogs Orange 9U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland / Macomb League:NOBF and Tournaments
Contact:Marc West
Team Info:This is a new 9u Hit Dogs team. We will practice in the Hit Dogs indoor training center in Rochester Hills starting December 1. We will play in the NOBF and 3-4 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Individual or small group tryouts are available and encouraged, please contact Coach West to set up a time.

Michigan Blue Jays 9U (2018)

City/Area:ypsilanti, canton, northville, plymouth, dexter, chelsea, jackson, novi, ohio League:KVBSA, tournament and tournament only
Contact:Tom Dishman
Team Info:Some teams play league and tournament and some teams only play tournaments.The Blue Jays goals are to help players succeed in their baseball career into high school. We offer speed and agility programs, bat speed programs and jeager band program. These programs help out players get better
Tryout Notes:8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 17u and 18 are looking a few players. Please contact us to arrange a workout

Michigan Brewers 9U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Mike Gutow
Team Info:The 9U Michigan Brewers are looking for a couple of players to finalize the roster for next season. The team will have their winter training at their own facility (Complete Athletics, 20590 Hall Road, Clinton Twp) and it's home games at festival field. Team will compete in the MABF (20-24 games) and be in at least 3- 4 tournaments. Organization and coach encourages participation in other sports.
Tryout Notes:Call or e-mail for private tryout.

Oakland Reds Baseball Club 9U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Dale Cozart
Damian Hull
Team Info:Oakland Reds are looking for a few more players to finalize the 2018 rosters. 50+Collegiate players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:Contact Dale Cozart - High School Division Director or Damian Hull - Asst High School Division Director to schedule a private tryout.

Rochester Hawks 9U (2018)

City/Area:Rochester League:NOBF
Contact:Randy Ortiz
Team Info:The Rochester Hawks will compete in the 9U division of the NOBF. We will focus on teaching baseball the right way by working on fundamentals. Our goal is to find well rounded kids who are ready to compete at a high level on the field and also contribute in a positive way in the community. Our team will work extremely hard during practice and games while also having fun.
Tryout Notes:Former Michigan State Spartan baseball player Randy Ortiz is forming a new 9U team for the 2018 NOBF Season. A tryout is scheduled for August 27 from 3p - 5p at The Crossings of Oakland Baseball Field. The field is located on Kern Rd & Briarbrook Ln in Oakland Township directly across the street from the old Bald Mountain Golf Course. Players are encouraged to pre-register by emailing or calling Coach Randy at rochesterhawks@gmail.com or 248-892-1421

Rochester Rays 9U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:NOBF
Contact:Resa Fox
Team Info:The 2018 9U Rochester Rays Travel Baseball Team is a highly competitive teambased out of Rochester Hills Michigan. We are looking for 2-3 players to complete our 2018team roster. Players from all areas are welcome to tryout. We will play in the NOBF league and 4-5 local tournaments in 2018. The Rochester Rays offer significant offseason training including indoor hitting training, fielding/positional training and speed/agility.If you are interested in a private tryout, please contact rochesterrays@gmail.com to arrange a time.You can also contact Resa Fox at 248-916-5292 for additional information.

Royal Oak Nationals 9U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland/Macomb League:NOBF & 2-3 local tournaments
Contact:Mike Morris
Team Info:The Royal Oak Nationals 9u team coached by Troy Athens varsity baseball coach Mike Morris is looking for 2 players to fill their 2018 9u roster. To schedule a private tryout please contact coach Morris at 248-990-2327 or by e-mail at twre2@yahoo.com. The 9u Nationals will play in the NOBF and also play in 2-3 local tournaments. We will train indoor once a week from December until we get outside for practice.
Tryout Notes:To schedule a private tryout please contact coach Morris at 248-990-2327 or by e-mail at twre2@yahoo.com

Total Baseball Travel 9U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:Total Baseball Travel offers everything to provide an excellent travel experience under one roof. Teams will practice at our second to none facilities; including our newly renovated turf and lit outdoor fields. Perks include free access to our facility, discounts on Total Baseball programs, discounts on equipment in the Total Sports Shop, discounts on trainers in the Performance Center, specialized content only available to travel players, etc. Please pre register by filling out the form (found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Tryout-Registration-Form.pdf) and emailing it to travelbaseball@totalsportscomplex.com.
Tryout Notes:Tryout dates for specific age groups are as follows:(9/10U: Tues, Aug 1 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 10am) (11/12U: Wed, Aug 2 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 12:30pm) (13U: Sat, Aug 5 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Sun, Aug 6 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Tues, Aug 8 6pm @ Total Baseball; Sat Aug 12 3pm @ Total Baseball) (14/15U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 10am) (16/18U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 12:30)9-12U Tryouts will be at Total Baseball's outdoor fields (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI 48393)13U Tryout location will be dependent on date14-18U Tryouts will be at Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI 48374)More info can be found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/

Washington Bigfoot 9U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF
Contact:Coach Olson
(248) 259-1691
Team Info:Washington Bigfoot is a MABF team looking to fill its 9u roster. 9u Bigfoot will compete in the MABF and play in 2-3 local tournaments. The team's season and structure allows for athletes to play other sports and still develop baseball skills while competing at a higher level.
Tryout Notes:9u Bigfoot is looking for 1-2 athletes to complete its roster. Please contact Coach Olson for more information and tryout dates and times.