17U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30.

5-Tool Baseball 17U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF, Tournaments
Contact:Bob Ybarra
586 489-5165
Team Info:If you are looking to play for a Non-Parent Head Coach that has a passion for baseball like no other coach you have met before you have come to the right place. I have played and coached at very high levels of baseball in the past 35 plus years. I DO THIS BECAUSE I LOVE THE GAME and most of all I like to see kids like yours be able to elevate their game to the next level of play. I have very good relationships with local and out of state college coaches that I will put your sons name in front of. I work very hard for my players to get looked at and I want to see them succeed not only in baseball but life in general. If you are interested in taking a look at what I have to offer please feel free to give me a call or email me any questions that you may have. We will play a couple of local fall ball tournaments in September. Then we will take a brake till November where will start our indoor training for winter months two days a week ending by March 1, 2018. Our team will work with Lance Long during the off season as well one day a week where Lance will work with our players on speed, strength & agility I will also be attending these sessions as well with the boys. This will help our players prepare for their High School Tryouts. Our 2018 season will start as soon as High School season ends. We will playing in 5-6 College Showcase Tournaments.
Tryout Notes:I am offering private tryouts at this time to fill a few spots that I have open. Looking for mid infielders, catcher and a few pitchers. If you are looking to be a Pitcher only we can talk about that as well. Please email me at headcoach5toolbaseballu16@gmail.com for more information or call me at (586) 489-5165.

A. Green Baseball/Total Baseball Travel 17U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:KVBSA or Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:A. Green Baseball has affiliated with Total Baseball to have their brand join the Total Baseball Travel Organization! A. Green Baseball, like Total Baseball Travel, will receive all the perks given to the Total Baseball Travel Organization players. Those include practice at Total Baseball in their massive indoor space, outdoor practice at the brand new turf, lit indoor fields, and free use of the facility. A. Green Baseball brings over years of success at the elite level. Pre registration can be done at http://agreenbaseball.com/tryout-registration.html and http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/
Tryout Notes:(10-12U: 7/29/17 10am-1pm; 7/30/17 10am-1pm) Location: Total Baseball (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI)(13-18U: 8/5/17 11pm-2pm; 8/6/17 11-2pm) Location: Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI)

Baseball Utility 17U (2018)

City/Area:Detroit Metro League:Tournament only
Contact:Brad Mumma
Team Info:We are about development. We have the best off season program around. 20 weeks and around 80 hours you'll be instructed by a staff that has played or coached in college or in professional baseball. All baseball skills will be covered and it is all inclusive including speed and strengthLance Long former Detroit Lion), classroom learning, nutrition, recruiting assistance, and much more.Pro instructors: Adam Rosales Current Utility player on Oakland A's, Brad Mumma 9 seasons in pro baseball, Eddie Lara over a decade in pro baseball, guest instructors Joe Roa former Major leaguer, Larry Feola long time pro, and many more. Joe Small former college all american and college coach is the coordinator. Many other current and former college players are involved.

Canton Cobras 17U (2018)

City/Area:Canton, Novi, Northville, downriver, and all surrounding cities League:Tournament Only
Contact:Jack Murray
Team Info:Looking for 1-2 players. We will be doing 5-6 tournaments after high school ball is done.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players. We will be holding individual tryouts. Please contact Jack Murray to schedule. jackmurray929@gmail.com(734)968-5808

Canton Cobras 17/18 17U (2018)

City/Area:Canton League:Tournament Only
Contact:Jack Murray
Team Info:Looking to play 5-6 tournaments this fall and next summer. Most if not all of the tournaments next summer will be showcase tournaments. If you need information on tournaments or costs contact Jack Murray with any questions you may have.
Tryout Notes:Looking for players interested in playing this fall and next summer. We will do 5-6 tournaments each for the fall and summer. Tryouts will be held in small groups. Please contact Jack Murray to schedule a tryout. There is no obligation to play both seasons. You can play one or the other or both if interested.

Clinton Twp. Yellow Jackets 17U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF, Tournaments
Contact:Pete Liske
(586) 563-6881
Team Info:Our teams will be playing in both the MABF and tournaments (local and out of state) My older teams will be attending showcases.
Tryout Notes:We are holding private tryouts. Please contact me to schedule a tryout.

Fuego Baseball 17U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:Tournament Only
Team Info:Team has a strong core of former MABF Upper A players. Looking to participate in 4-6 showcase tournament: Black Swamp, Pastime, Elite, etc.
Tryout Notes:Looking to round out roster, will consider all positions. Team will also carry two pitcher only spots. Contact team to schedule a private tryout.

Huron Valley Falcons 17U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland and Livingston Counties League:KVBSA and Tournaments
Contact:Jason Martin
Team Info:The 18U Huron Valley Falcons are a combined 17U/18U team seeking a couple of experienced players. Pitching is our top priority. We play as part of the Huron Valley Youth Baseball and Softball League (HVYBSL), KVBSA as well as tournament play. We will hold weekly practices and winter workouts. We are looking for players with character traits such as: enthusiasm for the game, determination, integrity, accountability, responsibility and being coachable. We have an experienced coaching staff that looks to build upon the foundations that each player has, while working to advance each player's skill set as well as show respect toward each player. Coaches will be looking at selecting players for this team that make school a priority by reviewing each player's G.P.A. to determine eligibility to participate throughout the season. 18U players are student athletes, and we are committed to more than just their play on the field.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for a couple of players to complete our 2018 roster. Pitching is our top priority. Please email or call with any questions or if you need to set up a private tryout.

LCB Legends Black 17U (2018)

City/Area:Walled Lake League:KVBSA
Contact:Eric Polin
Team Info:Looking to add 2-3 AAA players to complete the 18U roster. Pitching experience desired. We will be competing in six tournaments with several being showcase/away. We currently consist of nine juniors playing varsity at local high schools. We offer professional training, access to local Walled Lake Schools, winter indoor training and conditioning, Commerce/Walled Lake area. We are able to keep fees low due to the quantity of teams in the LCB program.
Tryout Notes:PLEASE contact Eric Polan 248 520 7840 for a try out. Try out will be in small groups with Legends players

Macomb Astros 17U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF, Tournaments
Contact:John Fitzpatrick
Team Info:We plan to play in the MABF and play in 3 tournaments, one of which will require an overnight stay.
Tryout Notes:Please contact us if you are interested, we can set up a private tryout. We are looking for pitchers and a catcher but that is not the only criteria. The MABF combines 17 and 18u together so both ages are welcome to tryout.

Macomb Outlaws 17U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland and Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Dave Partaka
Team Info:Macomb Outlaws U17 will be playing in MABF and possibly in 3 to 5 tournaments during the season.
Tryout Notes:Please contact Dave Partaka for a private tryouts

Michigan Blast 17U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournaments Only
Contact:Todd VanGilder
248 200 8776
Team Info:We will practice in December,January and February to help our players prepare for High School tryouts. We work with Greg Everson as our pitching coach and Corey Conrad as our hitting Coach. Our season will start in early June after High School ball ends. We will be playing 6 or 7 Tournaments (i.e. Pastime ,Cincy Flames, Black Swamp,Game Day) . We pride ourselves on how well our team, including the parents, all get along.
Tryout Notes:We are looking 1 "Everyday Player" and 2 Pitcher Only Players. We will schedule private tryouts at your convenience. Please email t.vangilder@comcast.net and we can answer any questions you may have.

Michigan Blue Jays 17U (2018)

City/Area:ypsilanti, canton, northville, plymouth, dexter, chelsea, jackson, novi, ohio League:KVBSA, tournament and tournament only
Contact:Tom Dishman
Team Info:Some teams play league and tournament and some teams only play tournaments.The Blue Jays goals are to help players succeed in their baseball career into high school. We offer speed and agility programs, bat speed programs and jeager band program. These programs help out players get better
Tryout Notes:8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 17u and 18 are looking a few players. Please contact us to arrange a workout

Michigan Nationals 17U (2018)

City/Area:Canton/Belleville League:Tournament Only
Contact:Coach Dvorsky
Team Info:Looking for another player to join our team roster for this summer. We will be playing in 5 - 6 tournaments (local) and one out of town tournament. Prefer a player that had pitching experience also but not required. Open to ages 15-17. Please contact me to discuss!
Tryout Notes:Private tryout can be arranged or attend our upcoming indoor practices. Please call for time slot.

Michigan Titans 17U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are looking to add a couple serious players to the roster for 2018. This team is made up of high school players that want to play not only varsity but possibly college baseball. Team will train at the new GUTS Training Center and will have access to the facility year round especially as high school tryouts come up. We will do tournaments after the high school season is over including showcase tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Please contact us for a private tryout or more information.

Oakland Braves 17U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:KVBSA & Tournaments
Contact:Spencer Ellis
Team Info:The 2018 17U Oakland Braves are looking for one additional player. All positions are welcome as well as pitchers only. The team is looking for a player with a positive attitude that continuously seeks to improve in all aspects of the game. The team has a comprehensive training schedule which includes practicing indoors three days a week. Our winter training primary focus is preparing your high school player for their tryouts and season. The team will play in U18 in the KVBSA along with 4-5 tournaments with three of being "Showcase" tournaments. Please contact Spencer Ellis directly at sellisjr@icloud.com or (248)346-9945 to inquire more about the team and schedule a private tryout.

Oakland Reds Baseball Club 17U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Dale Cozart
Damian Hull
Team Info:Oakland Reds are looking for a few more players to finalize the 2018 rosters. 50+Collegiate players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:Contact Dale Cozart - High School Division Director or Damian Hull - Asst High School Division Director to schedule a private tryout.

Sterling Heights Lightning 17U (2018)

City/Area:Sterling Heights, Troy, Rochester, Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Tony Shkreli
Team Info:Team consists of a solid core of players, but will consider all positions to round out our roster. We will also carry pitcher only spots. We're playing MABF and local tournaments in 2018.Indoor training will be at Jason Thompson Baseball from January 9 - March 8, 2018. Speed and Agility will be at Greg Grant basketball.
Tryout Notes:Call, text, or email to set up a private tryout. Looking for 17u and 18u players.

The Oakland Reds Baseball Club 17U/18U 17U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit Area League:Tournament Only
Contact:Mitch Sykes
Team Info:Our highly competitive high school teams have a few key spots remaining on our 16U, 17U/18U and 18U teams. We're mainly looking for catchers and pitchers only. Register today or send us an email.

Total Baseball Travel 17U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:Total Baseball Travel offers everything to provide an excellent travel experience under one roof. Teams will practice at our second to none facilities; including our newly renovated turf and lit outdoor fields. Perks include free access to our facility, discounts on Total Baseball programs, discounts on equipment in the Total Sports Shop, discounts on trainers in the Performance Center, specialized content only available to travel players, etc. Please pre register by filling out the form (found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Tryout-Registration-Form.pdf) and emailing it to travelbaseball@totalsportscomplex.com.
Tryout Notes:Tryout dates for specific age groups are as follows:(9/10U: Tues, Aug 1 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 10am) (11/12U: Wed, Aug 2 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 12:30pm) (13U: Sat, Aug 5 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Sun, Aug 6 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Tues, Aug 8 6pm @ Total Baseball; Sat Aug 12 3pm @ Total Baseball) (14/15U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 10am) (16/18U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 12:30)9-12U Tryouts will be at Total Baseball's outdoor fields (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI 48393)13U Tryout location will be dependent on date14-18U Tryouts will be at Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI 48374)More info can be found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/

Waterford Angels 17U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF and 4 tournaments including Showcase Tournaments
Contact:Tom James
Team Info:17/18U Waterford AngelsThe 2018 17/18U Waterford Angels are looking for a couple more solid ballplayers. All positions welcome as we have a very defensively flexible team. Pitchers only welcome as well, as we are looking to round out our roster with players looking to improve in all aspects of the game. We practice indoors twice a week beginning in January and ending the first weekend in March to help prepare our players for there High School Tryouts. We will be playing in the 17/18U Divison in the NOBF as well as 4 other Tournaments, including Showcase Tournaments. Private tryouts are being requested. Please email Tom James at waterfordangelsbaseball@yahoo.com to set up a private tryout.
Tryout Notes:Again, we are holding Private Tryouts via contacting Tom James at waterfordangelsbaseball@yahoo.com.

West Michigan Broncos 17U (2018)

City/Area:Kalamazoo League:
Contact:Coach Brent Hostutler
266 567 8177
Team Info: 18U experienced travel team looking to add a few additional players. We will be participating in approximately 5 showcase tournaments in 2018 primarily in the west Michigan area. Winter workouts will begin in early February for conditioning and tournaments will begin after the High School season. Looking for team players.
Tryout Notes:Looking for an outfielder and pitchers. Please contact Coach Hostutler if interested