15U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30, 2019.

5-Tool Baseball 15U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Bryan Duryee
Team Info:Looking for 1 player with solid pitching experience.
Tryout Notes:Contact for private tryout.

5-Tool Baseball Club 15U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF
Contact:Bryan Duryee
Team Info:5-Tool Baseball offers an extensive training program out of Premier Sports located in Shelby Twp. Team will be participating in MABF and multiple tournaments.Looking for a few experienced players to complete roster. All positions will be evaluated, however, pitching and/or catching experience is a plus.
Tryout Notes:Please contact head coach at bduryee802@gmail.com to arrange a private tryout.

Anchor Bay Angels 15U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF + 4-5 Tournaments
Contact:Greg O'Connell
Team Info:We will be playing MABF A, focusing on preparing players for high school varsity level as well as getting players exposure to Colleges and Universities in the Mid-West. 4-5 tournaments, at least 2 being (travel) College Showcases. Training will begin in late October, will involve working with a pitching coach, hitting instructors, as well as cross-fit instructors to improve speed, quickness and agility. Multi-sport athletes are welcomed and schedules are respected. 2 - 3 days / week of off-season training focusing on preparing for upcoming high school and summer season.
Tryout Notes:Looking for a couple of players, pitching, SS and OF are the primary positions. Interested players will have a desire to play the game at the highest level and be willing to work hard and have a great attitude. Please contact Coach O'Connell for tryouts.

Baseball Utility Travel 15U (2019)

City/Area:Open League:Tournament Only
Contact:Joe Small / Brad Mumma
586-557-4986 / 586-871-9338
smalljt10@hotmail.com / bradmumma@gmail.com
Team Info:Baseball Utility Travel is a developmental program that features a unique all inclusive 20 week training program. Baseball skills, along with speed, strength, classroom learning, nutrition, college recruiting assistance and much more taught by former pro players/coaches, and former college players/coaches.We are pleased to announce our partnership with All Fields Hitting Academy. Bruce, Daniel and Aaron Fields run an outstanding hitting facility in Southfield and they will lead the hitting portion of our 20 week training program. Bruce is the current roving hitting instructor (top minor league hitting coach) for the Detroit Tigers. Daniel played in the Major Leagues with the Tigers and Aaron played professionally for the Cleveland Indians.We have Lance Long as our speed, agility and strength coach. Lance played for the Detroit Lions and operates the ultra successful LL Speed in Shelby Twp.That along with current Major leaguer Adam Rosales, former Major Leaguer Pat Misch as contributors and many other professionals to give the most thorough training program available.
Tryout Notes:Contact team to schedule a private tryout.

Clinton Twp Yellow Jackets 15U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:Mabf
Contact:Pete Liske
Team Info:We will be participating in mabf and tournaments, we will have developmental teams as well and experienced players

Commerce Cannons 15U (2019)

City/Area:SE Michigan League:KVBSA
Contact:David Fiedor
Team Info:The Cannons are a growing travel baseball organization offering 8U-15U for 2019.
Tryout Notes:Please register for tryouts and find additional information here: https://goo.gl/forms/YG1spPoNYNUSeRzj2

DBacks Elite 15U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:None
Contact:Dale Ochodnicky
Team Info:Please see our website (DBacksElite.com) for all information on all of our teams.

Detroit Metro Stars 15U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF
Contact:Matt Fishburn
Team Info: We will play in MABF and 2 out of town tournaments. We will train at 2SP starting in January.


City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Coach Brad Modi
Team Info:LOOKING FOR 1 PLAYER to fill our 2018 team roster. We will be playing in 8+ tournaments starting right after High School Baseball ends and playing through July and into mid August. Playing in 3 COLLEGE SHOWCASE tournaments to start getting these talented group of ball players noticed. 2017 season included (3) 1st place & (2) 2nd place finishes out of a total 8 tournaments. Solid group of boys and awesome families.
Tryout Notes:Contact Coach Brad to discuss more details or setup a private tryout.

Great Lakes Wave 15U (2019)

City/Area:Lower Michigan League:Tournament Only
Contact:Julie Scalf
Team Info:Great competition team. Travel local and out of state. May contact now or will post tryouts for next season soon,

Grossi Baseball 15U (2019)

City/Area:Holly League:KVBSA
Contact:Jim Shadduck
810 265 2544
Team Info:GROSSI Baseball finished 42-12 in 2018! we still want to improve.
Tryout Notes:Looking for athletes that have pitching and catching ability; also middle positions. Private tryouts only. If your goal is to play high level high school and college, contact me immediately.

Hitz Baseball - Sikora 15U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Donny Sikora
(586) 634-1401
Team Info:Team is a combination of experienced MABF players from multiple teams. We are looking to play in the MABF Upper A 15U division and a mix of AA/Major tournaments (4 projected) for the 2019 season.
Tryout Notes:Team is looking for 1 - 2 skilled, versatile players whose primary positions are P and OF. Team is having private tryouts at HITZ by appointment only. Please contact Donny Sikora at 586 634-1401 or donnysikora@gmail.com to schedule a time.

HITZ Baseball Club 15U (2019)

City/Area:Chesterfield League:
Team Info:HITZ Baseball Club will be fielding teams in 8U-18U age groups. Our teams will range from MABF league teams, all tournament teams and college exposure teams. Coaches for the teams range from High school varsity coaches, past college players, trainers and coaches with many years of experience. Southeast Michigan's premier training center, providing 20,000-square footage of indoor training including an indoor infield and 7 hitting/pitching cages.HITZ is home to southeast Michigan's premier indoor Baseball/Softball Training Center
Tryout Notes:Visit HITZ Tryouts for tryout information.

Lakeshore Warriors 15U (2019)

City/Area:West Michigan League:Tournaments Only
Contact:Chris Casey
Team Info:This is second year of team. We are going to play in 5 to 8 tourneys over the winter 2018 and summer 2019. We expect to improve greatly from this year and win many games.
Tryout Notes:We will have about 4 open spots. We need catching and pitching help. Also, general infielding help.

LCB Legends 15U (2019)

City/Area:Commerce area League:KVBSA
Team Info:Save the date! LCB Legends tryouts 7/28 and 7/29. Teams from 8U-17U. 8U-14U will have tryouts on 7/28 and 7/29. 15U and up will be TBD in August. If you can't make it or prefer a private tryout please email.We send two teams at 12U to the Cooperstown Dreams Park!!!

Legacy 15U (2019)

City/Area:Livingston County and bordering areas League:KVBSA and Tournament Only Teams
Contact:Ryan Ford
Team Info:Legacy offers Select and Community travel options for ages 8u-18u. Teams can decide to play a full tournament schedule or league play plus some tournaments. Both Select and Community have full off season training packages in our state of the art training center and dome. Paid coaches are an option.

Little Caesars Baseball 15U (2019)

City/Area:Michigan, Northern Ohio, Southern Ontario League:Tournament only
Contact:Atanas Ilitch
Team Info:We are a competitive baseball program started by Mike Ilitch in 1972, dedicated to developing players who seek to play at the College Level. We have teams from ages 10-17u and provide excellent human and physical resources required for quality development. Our teams play in Perfect Game, Bullpen, Pastime, Game Day, and USSSA Tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Please visit Caesarsbaseball.org for Open and Private Tryout information. Our Twitter feed can be found at DCBC_org.

Metro Detroit Baseball Club 15U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit/Southern Ontario League:Tournament Only
Contact:Tim McEvoy
Team Info:The team is designed to develop players into complete baseball players. We play quality competition and we want players that have a desire to play college and professional baseball. The program has been around for 8 years and has a good group of players and parents. We are looking for players that want to be apart of something bigger than their self. We are looking for players that can pitch or are athletic and have a high degree of coach ability.
Tryout Notes:Tryouts can be scheduled upon request.

Michigan Aces 15U (2019)

City/Area:West Oakland, Livingston County League:Tournament only
Contact:Brad Petru
Team Info:The Michigan Aces are a team that will be playing in 4-5 high level tournaments after high school baseball ends. We will travel out of State for 1 or 2 tournaments. We currently have 10 kids returning from our team last year, and are looking for 1 player to add to the team for the 2019 summer. The Aces are made up of kids from Livingston County and West Oakland County, but we are open to any interested players that could attend tournaments with us. We would prefer to add someone with pitching and infield experience, but are open to all skilled players. If interested, please contact us for more information or for a private tryout.
Tryout Notes:Contact us for a private tryout

Michigan Dawgs 15U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Scott Kuhle
Team Info:We our a tournament only team and will play in college showcase tournaments and compete at the highest level as we have done the last 7 years.
Tryout Notes:2019 15u team is looking to add a few players. If you would like to tryout or setup a private tryout or want more info please contact Scott Kuhle at kuhle44@yahoo.com.

Michigan Nationals 15U (2019)

City/Area:Belleville/Canton League:Tournament Only
Contact:Coach Dvorsky
Team Info:We are a Tournament travel team that will be participating in at least 6 tournaments next summer. We have our own indoor facility where we will hold indoor practices at least two times a week November-March 1st. We also have pitching instructors available for private lessons to improve your game. Non-parent coaching staff looking for experienced travel baseball players who can be a leader on the team! Each year this coaching staff has been succesful in winning an average of 2-3 tournaments a season.Team will participate in local and out-of-town tournaments with some being on college fields!
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 experienced travel player athletes who are designated "Catchers" & "Starting" Pitchers. If this fits your description please contact me ASAP to arrange your private tryout before September 8, 2019! Please email coach at rdvorsky2@hotmail.com

Michigan Scrappers 15U/16U 15U (2019)

City/Area:Romeo League:Tournament Only
Contact:Dan Booth
Team Info:Tournament Only
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2 to 3 more players to complete a solid baseball team. Please contact us for a private tryout.

Michigan Titans 15U (2019)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:Tournament Only
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are a tournament only team that focuses on proper mechanics over trophies. The goal is not just high school baseball but varsity baseball
Tryout Notes:please visit our website to register for a private tryout

Monroe Titans 15U (2019)

City/Area:SE Michigan / NW Ohio (Monroe) League:Tournament only
Contact:Bo Lambert
734 755 0207
Team Info:Looking for 1 more pitcher for the 2019 Monroe Titans 15U season. This past season we played in 7 tournaments, winning 4 of them and took runner-up in 1. We are looking to add 1 more arm to our team.
Tryout Notes:contact Bo Lambert for a private tryout

Motor City Mayhem 15U (2019)

City/Area:Downriver League:Tournaments
Contact:Lance Lambdin
Team Info:The 2019 Motor City Mayhem is looking to add 1-2 players to their existing solid core of players and families. We will be competing in 7-9 competitive tournaments (included 3-4 college showcases) after HS ball is complete in June. Winter training will include professional hitting and pitching instructions that will focus on increasing players pitching velocity and bat exit velocity. We are looking for players that are dedicated and focused on playing at the next level as that is our sole focus; to develop and get them there.
Tryout Notes:Contact for private tryout.

Motor City Snipers 15/16U 15U (2019)

City/Area:Livonia League:Tournament only
Contact:D. Banks
Team Info:Paid professionals will be providing training (individualized pitching and hitting) as well as team both in off season and during the regular season. Indoor training will start early January, consisting of once per week strength & agility work out, and one per week baseball practice. Season will start once MSHAA baseball ends. We will be competing in approx 7-8 tournaments. Most being with in driving distance, one may be with in 3 hour radius, one will be out of state.
Tryout Notes:Motor City Snipers 15/16U baseball team is looking for 1-2 key players to round out their 2019 season roster. Private no cost tryouts are available. To register, schedule a private, or for more information call/text (734)772-4704 or email michiganyouthbaseballassoc@gmail.com.

National Baseball Association 15U (2019)

City/Area:Michigan League:Tournaments Only
Contact:Mike Hanford
Team Info:Competitive National Team with the mission to teach players the skills it takes to advance to the collegiate level of baseball as well as provide exposure to college coaches and pro scouts. This year players will have the opportunity to compete in 6 - 7 tournaments including one week-long experience. At the end of the season our team will participate in our National Baseball Association Military Games where we play against the USA Military Collegiate team. Each National Baseball Association player will receive the following benefits. Advanced athletic assessment scoring speed, quickness, explosiveness and agility level. National Baseball certified video of performance which will be added to our recruiting database. Official Player Page. College Guidance. National exposure to 1,700+ college coaches & 500+ pro scouts. Organized pro-style training. Constant exposure through our Social pages with 700,000 - 1,000,000 views per week. Work with collegiate level coaching staff
Tryout Notes:Please contact for tryout information. Looking for players serious about playing in college.

North Oakland Giants 15U (2019)

City/Area:Rochester Hills, Troy, Auburn Hills, Lake Orion, Oakland or Macomb League:Tournament Only
Contact:Leo Mendez
Team Info:The 15U North Oakland Giants are focused on working with young men that:- desire to have fun playing one of the greatest team sports on the planet and are respectful - desire to improve daily on not only baseball skills but life skills - desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves - desire to put forth 100% effort at all times while on the field and even more when no one is watchingWe anticipate 5-6 regional weekend tournaments after high school season ends between June/July 2019 with one possibily being an overnight stay.We will carry 11 players where performance matters, nothing is promised and everything is earned.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 2 players to fill out our roster. One with catching experience will to share catching duties among other playing opportunities. And another with ability to play multiple positions. Pitching abilities a plus for either one or both.Winter indoor training begins right after New Years at Endura Training facility on Sundays in Sterling Heights for approximately 12 weeks of sessions prior to HS season tryouts with other optional training available during evenings. All instructions to be implemented by former big leaguer Scott Lusader.Anyone interested in meeting for a tryout let me know by calling, texting or e-mail. We have a good group of boys that attend school at Rochester Adams, Rochester High, Stoney Creek, Avondale HS and Anchor Bay HS.

Northern Michigan Dogmen Red 15U (2019)

City/Area:Northern Michigan League:USSSA
Contact:Chris Grice
Team Info:Playing multiple tournaments
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2-4 experienced players to complete our roster.

Oakland Reds 15U (2019)

City/Area:Farmington League:
Contact:Mitch Sykes
Team Info:The Mission of the Oakland Reds Baseball Club is to provide young ballplayers with one of the Top Player Development programs in this country. Our professional staff works hard to provide first-class training and instill the mental toughness, knowledge and desire to achieve success on and off the playing field. Every Reds player will compete against the highest level of competition available and develop the valuable skills required to excel in high school, college, and as a professional. We are very proud to have trained and placed 55+ scholarship collegiate baseball players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:The Oakland Reds have spots available at every level(10U to 18U) still open. Please contact us to schedule a private tryout at our indoor training facility

Oakland Tigers 15U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:B.J. Lennon
Team Info:15U Tournament Team coming off a successful 32-10 season and top ten power and points ranking in Michigan, we are looking for 1-2 players to keep our improvement and progression in the right directions.
Tryout Notes:1-2 players and specifically a catcher for one of them.

Royal Oak Nationals 15U (2019)

City/Area:Oakland, Macomb and Wayne League:Tournament Only
Contact:Mike Morris
Team Info:The 2019 Royal Oak Nationals 15u team is coached by Troy Athens varsity baseball coach Mike Morris. This is an elite team looking for players interested in playing at the next level. The team is coming off a successful 2018 season winning multiple tournaments. Looking to add a few players to an already very talented roster. To setup a private tryout please contact coach Morris at 248-990-2327 or twre2@yahoo.com
Tryout Notes:Looking to add a few players to an already very talented roster

South Oakland A's 15U (2019)

City/Area:Detroit Metro Area League:Scouted Tournaments Only
Contact:Keith Lelli
Team Info:The goal of this team is to get players to the correct tournaments and in front of college scouts while continuing to develop their skills and baseball IQ.
Tryout Notes:2019 South Oakland A's 15U team will not be holding a formal tryout. However, if you have interest in exploring the potential of joining the 2019 15U team, please email Keith Lelli (lellik1320@gmail.com) and Jeff Riffe (jkbnriffe@gmail.com) the following

South Oakland A's 15U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Ricky Malak
Team Info:6-8 showcase tournaments2 out of town develop physical and mental aspects of the game
Tryout Notes:Looking for 4 multiple position players. Personal tryouts contact Ricky Malak rickymalak551@yahoo

Waterford Outlaws 15U (2019)

City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF and Some Age groups will be Tournament Only
Contact:Kyle Gauthier
Team Info:The 2019 Waterford Outlaws Baseball Club is looking to field teams in the 9u-16u age groups. Our teams will range from NOBF league teams with tournaments or all tournament teams. We are a nonprofit so our focus is on the kids and not profit. Our coaching staff is committed to teaching the boys the fundamentals of the game, competing at a high level and having fun while playing. Coaches for our teams range from high school coaches, former college division 1 players and coaches with many years of experience. Our programs provide significant off-season training including speed/strength/agility, hitting, pitching and defensive training with additional professional trainers and coaches.
Tryout Notes:Visit www.waterfordoutlaws.com for tryout locations, dates and times. Private tryouts also available.

West Oakland Wings 15U (2019)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Coach Drew Miller
Team Info:The 2019 15U West Oakland Wings (WOW), located in White Lake, MI, is looking for 1-2 players to complete the roster for next season.
Tryout Notes:Please email us to schedule a private tryout.