14U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30, 2019.

3N2 HITZ ELITE 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF and 4-5 Tournaments
Contact:Nick Capoferi
Team Info:3N2 HITZ ELITE will compete in the MABF upper A division and in a mix of AA/Major tournaments in 2019. We won the MABF A division with 19-1 record and were 36-9 overall this past season. We also had success in our 5 tournaments, making at least the semi's in all but one. We won the Faast Spring Blast, finished runner-up at Youth Nationals in Kentucky and at the USSSA AA Super NIT in Mount Clemens, as well as, semi-finalist at the USSSA Summer Slam in Shelby. We are looking for 1 highly skilled, versatile player who has top end pitching ability. Player must be coachable, be willing to always work hard, and be an excellent teammate. Experience in high level baseball preferred. Winter training will be held at the HITZ facility in Chesterfield, southeast Michigan's premier training center. Speed and agility training will be provided from August into mid- December. Please contact Nick Capoferi for an individual or semi- private tryout at hitzcapoferi@gmail.com or 586-822-6207
Tryout Notes:In need of 1 highly skilled, versatile player with top end pitching ability

Baseball Utility Travel 14U (2019)

City/Area:Open League:Tournament Only
Contact:Joe Small / Brad Mumma
586-557-4986 / 586-871-9338
smalljt10@hotmail.com / bradmumma@gmail.com
Team Info:Baseball Utility Travel is a developmental program that features a unique all inclusive 20 week training program. Baseball skills, along with speed, strength, classroom learning, nutrition, college recruiting assistance and much more taught by former pro players/coaches, and former college players/coaches.We are pleased to announce our partnership with All Fields Hitting Academy. Bruce, Daniel and Aaron Fields run an outstanding hitting facility in Southfield and they will lead the hitting portion of our 20 week training program. Bruce is the current roving hitting instructor (top minor league hitting coach) for the Detroit Tigers. Daniel played in the Major Leagues with the Tigers and Aaron played professionally for the Cleveland Indians.We have Lance Long as our speed, agility and strength coach. Lance played for the Detroit Lions and operates the ultra successful LL Speed in Shelby Twp.That along with current Major leaguer Adam Rosales, former Major Leaguer Pat Misch as contributors and many other professionals to give the most thorough training program available.
Tryout Notes:Contact team to schedule a private tryout.

Baseball Utility Travel - Richardson 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF / Tournaments
Team Info:Baseball Utility Travel 14U - Richardson. This Team will play in MABF for the 2019 Season and play 2 to 4 tournaments with 1 tournament out of state. This team already has a core group of players and are looking to fill our last spots.We will have winter training with an all-inclusive 20-week training program from October 2018 thru March 2019 with Baseball Utility and Brad Mumma Baseball training academy in Warren. Training will be conducted (Tentatively) on both Monday and Wednesday evenings every week. This team will be taught Baseball skills, along with speed, strength, classroom learning, and nutrition taught by former pro players, coaches, and former college players. Baseball Utility Travel is pleased to announce All Fields Hitting Academy, out of Southfield, will lead the hitting portion of the 20-week training program. Bruce, from All Fields, is the current roving hitting instructor (top minor league hitting coach) for the Detroit Tigers.We will have Lance Long as our speed, agility and strengthening coach. Lance played for the Detroit Lions and operates the ultra-successful LL Speed in Shelby Twp. Looking to fill are last spots on this team. Good 13 year olds are always welcome! Email Randy at thehawk0091@aol.com for private tryout
Tryout Notes:Email Randy at thehawk0091@aol.com for private tryout

Clinton Twp Yellow Jackets 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:Mabf
Contact:Pete Liske
Team Info:We will be participating in mabf and tournaments, we will have developmental teams as well and experienced players

Commerce Cannons 14U (2019)

City/Area:SE Michigan League:KVBSA
Contact:David Fiedor
Team Info:The Cannons are a growing travel baseball organization offering 8U-15U for 2019.
Tryout Notes:Please register for tryouts and find additional information here: https://goo.gl/forms/YG1spPoNYNUSeRzj2

DBacks Elite 14U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:None
Contact:Dale Ochodnicky
Team Info:Please see our website (DBacksElite.com) for all information on all of our teams.

Detroit Metro Stars Red 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Edward D'Hondt
Team Info:We have an excellent and very talented core group returning and we are looking to add a few more to our roster. We will play in several major and some AA tournaments. We will do many local tournaments as well as travel tournaments. The team will play in the upper A division of the MABF. Our head coach has 20+ years of experience coaching middle and high school sports (including baseball at the varsity level) and five years of federation experience. We are ranked #4 in the state in the USSSA AA ranking system. We were the USSSA Summer Slam champions and have been extremely successful in tournament play this season. In 2016, we won the A division of the MABF. In 2017 we were in third place in the upper A division. We will finish this season at least tying for 2nd place in the MABF.
Tryout Notes:Please fill in the form below for a tryout:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeE6K1sL2TYU9wcF3emYExFDR8jkliKqtoCrqHCslUCZH8Qrw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Detroit Revolution 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb and surrounding areas League:Tournament
Contact:Eddie Lara
Team Info:Through Eddie Lara Baseball Academy the Detroit Revolution was formed. This is a new club that will begin play Spring 2019. The Revolution will have numerous former and current professional players as well as current college players to assist and train our future stars of the game. The systems we use to coach and train our players are second to none. Our club's commitment to its players is to provide instruction at the highest level and to provide opportunity to achieve baseball excellence. This age group will be exposed to the fundamentals of the game as we teach at all of our age levels.
Tryout Notes:Looking to add 1 player - call for private

FBC WAVES 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb/Shelby Twp. League:Tournament Team Only
Contact:Patrick Kenny
Team Info:FBC Waves is owned/operated by Pat Kenny. Pat is a former NCAA infielder who founded the highly successful PK Prospects (www.pkplusathletics.com) and are recognized as one of the top 18U teams in the state. Please see website for more details. If your son is looking to develop his skills and play competitive baseball at the next level, this organization is for you! The Waves organization was started last year after leaving the Muskies organization. We have a highly competitive 10U team and are adding an 8U,10U,11U,14U,15U. Training, coaching and player development are second to none. Indoor training held at 2SP (Shelby Twp.) and Outdoor training held at Dakota High School. Please contact Pat with any questions. patrick@pkplusathletics.com
Tryout Notes:Tryouts will be held the week of 7/16 & 7/23. Please contact Pat for details.

Green Machine 14U (2019)

City/Area:TROY League:NOBF
Team Info:Green Machine is a fourth year team that is looking for one more special player for our League Team. We are uniquely set up with our Tournament team to provide additional training and practice opportunities. Pitching is highly preferred. We have partnered with Lifetime Fitness to provide excellent physical training to go along with our baseball training program. Come take a look at what we are about.
Tryout Notes:Please contact Coach Kovacs to set up a tryout during our winter training sessions

Hawks GOLD 14U (2019)

City/Area:State Wide League:KVBSA & Tournament Only Teams
Contact:Dave Piesko
Team Info:There will be two (2) 14U Hawks GOLD teams in 2019. These teams will receive the same "top shelf" training that the entire HG organization receives. This training and instruction separates HG from all other organizations. The coaching, training and instruction your player will receive will put them in a unique position to accelerate in baseball. The Hawks GOLD organization was voted as a "Top 100" program in the nation according to "Youth Baseball Magazine". With 30,000 baseball teams in the USA this is quite an accomplishment. This rating is due to the culture HG creates with positive coaching, 2nd to none training and instruction and impressive results on the field. HG earned a 1st place finish at every age group in the KVBSA league in the 2018 season. As a program, our teams won 5 state championship titles (8U, 9U, 10U, 11U & 13U) and 5 National Championship titles (8U, 10U, 11U & 12U). Several HG teams are rated the top team in the state of Michigan and many of our teams are rated in the "Top 10" in the country. We believe that our player development program effectiveness can be measured by the success we have on the field. Train, Prepare, Succeed!
Tryout Notes:Please contact Hawks GOLD (David Piesko) @ (810) 533-0418 or email @ hawksgold@outlook.com to arrange for an evaluation. Evaluations begin 8/1 and continue until we have made our final selections. We have positions available on our 14U teams.

HITZ Baseball Club 14U (2019)

City/Area:Chesterfield League:
Team Info:HITZ Baseball Club will be fielding teams in 8U-18U age groups. Our teams will range from MABF league teams, all tournament teams and college exposure teams. Coaches for the teams range from High school varsity coaches, past college players, trainers and coaches with many years of experience. Southeast Michigan's premier training center, providing 20,000-square footage of indoor training including an indoor infield and 7 hitting/pitching cages.HITZ is home to southeast Michigan's premier indoor Baseball/Softball Training Center
Tryout Notes:Visit HITZ Tryouts for tryout information.

Jet Box Macomb 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Brian Korson
248 672-4833
Team Info: We will participate in the MABF Upper A division and 5-6 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Jet Box Macomb is looking to add 2 more players to a solid returning core for the 2019 season. Please text Brian Korson 248 672-4833 for a private tryout request.

Lake Orion Crush 14U (2019)

City/Area:North Oakland County League:NOBF
Contact:John Howcroft
Team Info:LO Crush will be focused on prepping players for HS. We have our own facility, paid non parent head coach, and dedicated fields for in season training
Tryout Notes:Lake Orion Crush 2019 14U looking for ONE player to complete our 2019 roster. Pitching and outfield a plus but all athletes will be considered. Please contact John Howcroft at 248-709-3399 or johnhowcroft@comast.net for private workout at our facility located in Oxford MI at the Legacy center.

Lakes Area Dodgers 14U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Brian Cavanaugh
Team Info:2019 Lakes Area Dodgers 14u TryoutsWe are a tournament team and we will participate in 8-10 tournamentsProfessional Coaching and Instruction with Coach Chris OgdenFormer Wayne State Coach and current Madonna University CoachTraining sessions work the 5 tools scouts look for in players.HITTING FOR AVERAGEHITTING FOR POWERARM (STRENGTH & ACCURACY)SPEED (AGILITY & RUNNING)GLOVE (FIELDING)Foot Work, Plyometric Exercises, Speed drills, Defensive drills, Hitting off Tees, Soft Toss, Batting Practice, Strength Exercises for Power, Arm Exercise drills for Accuracy & Injury preventionChris Ogden ???????????248-219-8628?Cogden39@yahoo.comBrian Cavanaugh248-515-0625Bcav93@icloud.com
Tryout Notes:Contact Brian or Chris to set up a private workout

Lakes Area Dodgers - Fall Program 14U (2019)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament only
Contact:Chris Ogden
(248) 219-8628?
Team Info:2018 MVP FALL PROGRAM Professional Coaching and Instruction with Coach Chris OgdenFormer Wayne State Coach and current Madonna University Coach Will Participate in 3 Fall Tournaments Sept. 15-16 FAAST Fall Blast in YpsilantiSept. 29-30 FAAST Autumn Classic in YpsilantiOct. 13-14 USSSA Fall Brawl in Farmington Hills Training sessions work the 5 tools scouts look for in players. • HITTING FOR AVERAGE• HITTING FOR POWER• ARM (STENGTH & ACCURACY)• SPEED (AGILITY & RUNNING)• GLOVE (FIELDING)Foot Work, Plyometric Exercises, Speed drills, Defensive drills, Hitting off Tees, Soft Toss, Batting Practice, Strength Exercises for Power, Arm Exercise drills for Accuracy & Injury prevention. Training sessions dates Tuesday Sept. 4th, Thursday Sept. 5th, Wednesday Sept. 12th, Tuesday Sept. 18th, Thursday Sept. 20th, Wednesday Sept. 26th, Tuesday Oct. 2nd, Thursday Oct 4th, Wednesday Oct, 10th 9 total training sessions will run an hour and a half each. Includes a Fall Jersey and hat. Price: $500/playerContact: cogden39@yahoo.com or 248-219-8628
Tryout Notes:Contact Chris for details

LCB Legends 14U (2019)

City/Area:Commerce area League:KVBSA
Team Info:Save the date! LCB Legends tryouts 7/28 and 7/29. Teams from 8U-17U. 8U-14U will have tryouts on 7/28 and 7/29. 15U and up will be TBD in August. If you can't make it or prefer a private tryout please email.We send two teams at 12U to the Cooperstown Dreams Park!!!

Legacy 14U (2019)

City/Area:Livingston County and bordering areas League:KVBSA and Tournament Only Teams
Contact:Ryan Ford
Team Info:Legacy offers Select and Community travel options for ages 8u-18u. Teams can decide to play a full tournament schedule or league play plus some tournaments. Both Select and Community have full off season training packages in our state of the art training center and dome. Paid coaches are an option.

Little Caesars Baseball 14U (2019)

City/Area:Michigan, Northern Ohio, Southern Ontario League:Tournament only
Contact:Atanas Ilitch
Team Info:We are a competitive baseball program started by Mike Ilitch in 1972, dedicated to developing players who seek to play at the College Level. We have teams from ages 10-17u and provide excellent human and physical resources required for quality development. Our teams play in Perfect Game, Bullpen, Pastime, Game Day, and USSSA Tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Please visit Caesarsbaseball.org for Open and Private Tryout information. Our Twitter feed can be found at DCBC_org.

LSI Elite Lightning 14U (2019)

City/Area:West Bloomfield League:Tournament Only
Contact:Brian McIsaac
(248) 464-2462
Team Info:The LSI Elite Lightning 14U is a high-performance team coming off an impressive 13U inaugural season. This team is looking for motivated players ready to take the next steps in advanced technique within a highly-competitive environment. The team plans to compete in several fall 2018 tournaments, a professional (with current and former MLB players) winter training program and approximately 10 tournaments the following season.
Tryout Notes:The team is looking for highly qualified individuals looking to better equip themselves with the skills to succeed at the next level (wherever that may be). The team will entertain both 8th and 9th graders as potential candidates. Please contact if interested.

Michigan Bulldogs 14U (2019)

City/Area:Westland and surrounding areas League:KVBSA
Contact:Bryan Hensley
Team Info:We are a 14U travel team and play 22 regular season games through KVBSA and a few tournaments. Our coaches give 110% and we expect you to do the same but still have fun.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for players to complete our roster. Please call or email to arrange a tryout.

Michigan Nationals 14U (2019)

City/Area:Canton, Ypsilanti Area League:KVBSA
Contact:Gary Warren
Team Info:Michigan Nationals 14U Warren team looking to add 3 players to complete our roster for the 2019 season. The team will play 3-4 local tournaments and play KVBSA league. Looking for players who love the sport, and want to work hard, with a positive attitude.
Tryout Notes:Try out will be held Thursday night or Saturday morning at practice facility. Interested player please contact Gary Warren.

Michigan Nationals 14U (2019)

City/Area:Canton League:Tournament Only
Contact:Kevin Terry
Team Info:7-8 tournaments MI. OH, IN, We were the 2018 KVBSA 13U Advanced league champions and also placed 1st - 3rd in 5 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Looking to add 1-2 experienced travel ball pitcher and or outfielders

Michigan Thunder 13/14U 14U (2019)

City/Area:Macomb, St. Clair, and Sanilac Counties League:MABF
Contact:Gary Niebauer
Team Info:We will play in the MABF "B" Division this year. Home field is Lenox Twp. Baseball Field on Gratiot between 29 Mile and 30 Mile roads. We will play 16 MABF games and attend 2-3 summer tournaments. The season runs from the end of May through the end of July. Season cannot start until 14U players finish their HS games. GO THUNDER! I am looking for all positions.
Tryout Notes:I am looking for dedicated baseball players. Roster will be 11-12 players. For mor information, contact manager Gary Niebauer.I have been coaching baseball for over 40 years.

Michigan Titans 14U (2019)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:Tournament Only
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are a tournament only team that focuses on proper mechanics over trophies. The goal is not just high school baseball but varsity baseball
Tryout Notes:please visit our website to register for a private tryout

Michigan Young Guns 14U (2019)

City/Area:Metamora League:Tournament Only
Contact:Steve Andrews
Team Info:Michigan Young Guns 14U is a tournament only team focused on taking players to the next level and beyond. Our goal is to provide High School coaches and beyond, players who have been taught the game the right way, players ready to leave it all on the diamond. We are looking to add a few players to our solid core group of young men for the 2019 season.
Tryout Notes:Please contact Steve Andrews for more info, or for a private a try-out

Motor City Hit Dogs - Krstich 14U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Rick Krstich
Tryout Notes:Hit Dogs 14U have a roster spot available. Email Rick Krstich at rick@11miletruck.com for a tryout.

National Baseball Association 14U (2019)

City/Area:Michigan League:Tournaments Only
Contact:Mike Hanford
Team Info:Competitive National Team with the mission to teach players the skills it takes to advance to the collegiate level of baseball as well as provide exposure to college coaches and pro scouts. This year players will have the opportunity to compete in 6 - 7 tournaments including one week-long experience. At the end of the season our team will participate in our National Baseball Association Military Games where we play against the USA Military Collegiate team. Each National Baseball Association player will receive the following benefits.• Advanced athletic assessment scoring speed, quickness, explosiveness and agility level. • National Baseball certified video of performance which will be added to our recruiting database. • Official Player Page. • College Guidance. • National exposure to 1,700+ college coaches & 500+ pro scouts. • Organized pro-style training. • Constant exposure through our Social pages with 700,000 - 1,000,000 views per week. • Work with collegiate level coaching staff
Tryout Notes:Please contact for tryout information. Looking for players serious about playing in college.

North Oakland Giants 14U (2019)

248 -670-0467
Tryout Notes:The Giants are looking for 1 player to round out the team for the 2019 season. Please contact Scott Lusader via text at 248-670-0467 for a private tryout at Endura Facility

North Oakland Rhinos 14U (2019)

City/Area: Oakland County and surrounding areas League:possibly nobf and tournaments, or tournament only
Contact:Ryan LaDuc
Team Info:We are based out of Clarkston. We are planning to play AAA NOBF and 5-6 tournaments. 1 out of state tournament and 1 west side of Michigan tournament. We are versatile and athletic enough that all positions could be available, and will consider any position players. Pitching is obviously a plus.
Tryout Notes:Looking to add one, high level, player to finalize our roster. Email Ryan at n.o.rhinobaseball@gmail.com for questions, details, or to set up a workout.

Oakland Indians 14U (2019)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Marc Lenker
Team Info:14u Oakland Indians are a 4th year team. We are based out of Waterford MI. We are a tournament only team. We are looking to add players to our team, which will help us compete at a higher level. We will be practicing in the winter 1-2 times a week. Once weather permits we will be practicing 1-2 times a week outside. We will be playing in 7-10 tournaments with 2 of those being out of state. The coach has been coaching for over 18 year and has played division 1 college baseball at Texas A&M. He has coach players that have gone to play high school, college and pro baseball.
Tryout Notes:Looking for all positions! Most important attributes are a desire to improve and the willingness to work hard. If you can't make tryout and want to schedule a private tryout or have any questions please contact Marc Lenker via phone/text. 248-418-1450 or Marc.lenker@yahoo

Oakland Reds 14U (2019)

City/Area:Farmington League:
Contact:Mitch Sykes
Team Info:The Mission of the Oakland Reds Baseball Club is to provide young ballplayers with one of the Top Player Development programs in this country. Our professional staff works hard to provide first-class training and instill the mental toughness, knowledge and desire to achieve success on and off the playing field. Every Reds player will compete against the highest level of competition available and develop the valuable skills required to excel in high school, college, and as a professional. We are very proud to have trained and placed 55+ scholarship collegiate baseball players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:The Oakland Reds have spots available at every level(10U to 18U) still open. Please contact us to schedule a private tryout at our indoor training facility

Plymouth Rails 14U (2019)

City/Area:Plymouth/Canton/Northville/Livonia/Westland League:Tournament Only
Contact:Will Dawson
Team Info:We are an independant tournament team focused on helping players make the next step in development. Our dedicated coaches take pride in developing players both on and off the field.
Tryout Notes:Contact us for private tryout to fill last roster spots by calling 734-210-0028 or email at plymouthrails@gmail.com

Southwest Oakland Warriors 14U (2019)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Mike Higgins
Tryout Notes:Please contact Mike Higgins to schedule a private tryout

Total Baseball Travel 14U (2019)

City/Area:Wixom League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:Total Baseball Travel works out of the Total Sports Complex in Wixom, MI. More training time in the winter than any organization. Free access to the facility for our players looking to get individual work in. Outdoor practices on our brand new turf complex. Discounts on all Total Baseball classes, camps and clinics.
Tryout Notes:To schedule a private tryout, please call 248.668.0166 or email travelbaseball@totalsportscomplex.com

Waterford Outlaws 14U (2019)

City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF and Some Age groups will be Tournament Only
Contact:Kyle Gauthier
Team Info:The 2019 Waterford Outlaws Baseball Club is looking to field teams in the 9u-16u age groups. Our teams will range from NOBF league teams with tournaments or all tournament teams. We are a nonprofit so our focus is on the kids and not profit. Our coaching staff is committed to teaching the boys the fundamentals of the game, competing at a high level and having fun while playing. Coaches for our teams range from high school coaches, former college division 1 players and coaches with many years of experience. Our programs provide significant off-season training including speed/strength/agility, hitting, pitching and defensive training with additional professional trainers and coaches.
Tryout Notes:Visit www.waterfordoutlaws.com for tryout locations, dates and times. Private tryouts also available.

West Michigan Outlaws Silver 14U (2019)

City/Area:West Michigan League:Tournament Only
Contact:Steve Moore
Team Info:We are part of a large organization with teams up through 17u. Our indoor facility allows baseball practice and private lessons through all of Michigan's seasons.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 1-2 players. At least 1 to be a pitcher. To be considered contact Steve Moore 616-813-8672.