13U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30, 2020.

5 Tool - DeMasse 13U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF
Contact:Chris DeMasse
Team Info:The 2020 13U 5 Tool DeMasse will play 4-5 local and out of state tournaments and a full MABF schedule next season. Our team will train over the winter months using two indoor facilities 1. The RBI Factory located on 23 Mile in Shelby Township, MI and 2. The On Deck Circle in Downtown Utica, MI next to Jimmy John's Stadium
Tryout Notes:To request a private tryout please contact Chris

Baseball Utility Travel 13U (2020)

City/Area:Fraser/Warren League:Tournament Only
Contact:Joe Small
Team Info:Development. Our mission statement could end right there. We are about developing your child into the best player he can possibly be at the age and skill level he is currently at. Striving for that on a year to year basis you will see the growth of your child both on the field and off the field. Nothing, including winning will ever trump the development of your child, period. All of this being done in a positive environment that promotes maximum growth.
Tryout Notes:Please wear Baseball Pants/Belt/Jersey/Hat. Contact team for a private tryout.

Batbusters Baseball Organization 13U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb Township League:Tournaments, MABF
Contact:Paul Addis
(586) 212-5227
Team Info:Established team looking to add one or two players. Preference is for pitcher and/or catcher. We will utilize two indoor training facilities over the winter months, Vitale's Perfect Game and Elite Indoor Sports, both located in Shelby Township. Training will utilize both the team coaching staff as well as personal trainers from Vitale's. Outdoor practices will also be located in Shelby Township. In addition to team practices and training, Vitale's offers camps and other activities where players can further enhance their game.
Tryout Notes:To set up a private tryout, please contact Paul Addis at Paul_Addis@yahoo.com or call (586) 212-5227.

Bloomfield Sting - Manz 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland county League:Tournament only
Contact:Paul Manz
Team Info:The Bloomfield Sting- Manz is a highly competitive team planning to continue its steady growth into the 2020 season. Our mission is teaching the game properly with sound fundamentals equipping the players with the tools necessary to play at a high level while keeping the multisport athlete in mind. We will participate in 8-11 competitive/major tournaments throughout Michigan and beyond. We are looking to add a skilled, experienced player to our roster for the 2020 season

Bloomfield Sting - Najor 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland County League:
Contact:Vincent Najor
248 892 7573
Team Info:The Bloomfield Sting is a competitive baseball team with a focus on the development of each player's baseball abilities and their understanding of the game, all while competing at a high level. Our professional baseball coaches teach fundamental baseball mechanics along with professional pitching and hitting instruction. We encourage a proper attitude, respect, sportsmanship, competitiveness and teamwork.?We are looking for experienced, dedicated baseball players.?
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2-3 players.

Blue Water Baseball 13U (2020)

City/Area:St. Clair County (Blue Water Area) League:Tournament Only
Contact:Shawn Winston
Team Info:Tournament Only around 9 to 10. A few games with other tournament only teams throughout the season. Players wanting good competition, excellent coaching, great experience, are coachable and have understanding quality parents.
Tryout Notes:Looking for a couple players with quality baseball skills and are coachable. If interested contact Shawn Winston for a private tryout.

DBacks Elite 13U (2020)

City/Area:Anywhere in Michigan League:Tournaments only
Contact:Mike Makki
Team Info:The DBacks Elite have 10+ teams. All of our teams will have access to two indoor facilities in Dearborn Heights for training! We have had a lot of success and players have traveled from all over the country to play for us. We even had a player from Hawaii in 2019. Our success includes our 15U team winning the Pastime National Championship which had 100 teams in it. The DBacks Elite has two current and one former college coach on staff to help players reach their goals.

Detroit Revolution 13U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb and Oakland county League:MABF
Contact:Eddie Lara
Team Info:Our Mission is to create and provide a fun and exciting baseball environment that is conducive to developing coaches and players of excellence. Emphasis on elevating a player's skill level through organized practices and fundamental drills will enhance individual and team play. Life lessons, integrity and character building will be our highest priority goals.
Tryout Notes:Detroit Revolution is looking to fill teams for 8U-15U. Please contact Eddie Lara for tryout dates and information

Great Lakes Bombers 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland, Wayne, & Livingston Counties League:KVBSA Open
Contact:Rich Robinson
Team Info:Looking to add experienced players with desire to take their game to the next level.Year-round instruction for pitching, hitting, and fielding. National Pitching Association - associate coach/certification. Division 1 college baseball coaching staff.Training and development are the focus of our organization. Great Lakes Bombers Baseball will practice through fall and winter. Our coaching staff is qualified and comprised of experienced coaches and former players at the college and high school level with several years of coaching experienceTryout Notes: To schedule your player to be evaluated, please send email to greatlakesbombersbaseball@gmail.com or send us a message at our website https://www.greatlakesbombers.com/
Tryout Notes:1-2 players - please contact for private tryout

Griffens BC 13U (2020)

City/Area:Birmingham MI League:NOBF
Contact:Dave Harris
Team Info:Optional fall practices Indoor pitching and hitting training NOBF4-6 tournaments 12U has Cooperstown certificate
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts available

HITZ 13U (2020)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:
Team Info:HITZ Baseball Club will be fielding teams in 8U-18U age groups. Our teams will range from MABF league teams, all tournament teams and college exposure teams. Coaches for the teams range from High school varsity coaches, past college players, trainers and coaches with many years of experience. Southeast Michigan's premier training center, providing 20,000-square footage of indoor training including an indoor infield and 7 hitting/pitching cages. HITZ is home to southeast Michigan's premier indoor Baseball/Softball Training Center.
Tryout Notes:For tryout information please click on link.

Jet Box Baseball 13U (2020)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:MABF
Contact:Matthew Essian
Team Info:We have 1-2 spots available for a newly created, and competitive, 13U baseball team. We will play in the MABF and have multiple tournaments. Fall and winter ball options also available. Professional training. Year-round indoor facility.
Tryout Notes: Private tryouts only by request

LCB Legends Black 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland, Wayne, & Livingston Counties League:KVBSA Open
Contact:Jimmy Myers
Team Info:Elite level team that has won 10 tournaments along with 4 runner ups over the past 3 seasons. Team will compete in KVBSA Open level. Team will compete in 7-9 tournaments including at least 2 destination type experiences like Ripken. Expect 60 or so games played. Professionally instruction over the winter. Experienced coaches that get the most from the team, while maintaining a positive and fun environment.
Tryout Notes:Looking to add 1-2 players to a well established core. Seeking middle infielders and pitchers, but all players can be evaluated. Spots available on our 2nd team as well. Call or email for a private tryout

LCB Legends Gold 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland and Wayne counties League:
Contact:Adam Steffes
Tryout Notes:Tryouts by appointment only; all days and times are available at our home fields.

Legacy 13U (2020)

City/Area:Brighton League:KVBSA, Tournament Only
Contact:Ryan Ford
Team Info:Legacy Baseball in Brighton is home to the largest baseball organization in Michigan. Legacy utilizes world class facilities and technology to provide an excellent travel baseball experience maximizing development. Age group coordinators have been hired to oversee and support coaches by supplying practice plans, tournament knowledge, and an off season curriculum to ensure player and team progression. Select and Community level options are available at each age group for players of different skill level and commitment.
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts are available upon request!

Livingston Thunder 13U (2020)

City/Area:Livingston County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Chris O'Donohue
Team Info:We are a tournament only baseball team complimented by a number of multi-sport athletes. The team is in need of 1 more player to round out our line-up. Must have desire to compete, strong work ethic, and team first attitude. Team is composed of a group of well rounded athletes that can play multiple positions as well as pitcher. Pitcher/Position player is prefered.
Tryout Notes:Call Chris for a private tryout (734)709-7167

Lockhart Rivals 13U (2020)

City/Area:Genesee county League:Gfbl
Contact:Keith Saxton
Team Info:We are participating in the GFBL and 4 tournaments in and around Genesee county. Whaley park is our home field. We have lost two players due to covid concerns. Please contact for personal tryouts.
Tryout Notes:Looking to fill two roster spots for players that left due to concerns over covid. Especially looking for pitching but all can contact for a personal tryout.

LSI Elite 13U (2020)

City/Area:West Bloomfield League:NOBF
Contact:Anthony Montante
Team Info:Continue to stress good fundamentals and good attitudes. Compete in NOBF season and 4 tournaments. Looking for 1-2 players, pitching is a plus. LSI is a family atmosphere will boys come to grow both on and off of the field and create new lasting relationships!
Tryout Notes:1-2 players desired, 3 is max. Pitching is a plus. Holding personal tryouts at this time.

LSI Elite Lightning 13U (2020)

City/Area:West Bloomfield/Bloomfield/Commerce/Waterford League:NOBF & KVBSA and Tournament Only (Varies by Team)
Contact:Brian McIsaac, Program Director
Team Info:LSI Elite Lightning is a high-performance baseball program. We are looking for motivated players ready to take the next steps in advanced technique within a highly-competitive environment. Some teams will take place in fall 2019 tournaments. All teams will participate in a professional winter training program, followed by league-, and/or tournament-only 2020 seasons. The program is seeking qualified individuals looking to better equip themselves with the skills to succeed at the next level (wherever that may be). 11U-14U tryout information is below and 15U will offer private tryouts only.
Tryout Notes:Team will offer private tryouts only (please contact if interested)

MC Shamrocks 13U (2020)

City/Area:Waterford and surrounding cities League:NOBF and tournament only
Contact:Justin Lewis
Team Info:Our team goals vary by age and skill level. We get the most exposure for players (most all americans over the past two years). Over 30 championship finishes this year. We have league teams, tournament only and developmental teams. We provide the most training in the offseason than anyone around.
Tryout Notes:Please visit motorcityshamrocks.com to register. All players must register prior to tryouts. All tryout dates and fields are located on our website.

Michigan Blue Jays 13U (2020)

City/Area:Ypsilanti, Canton, Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Belleville, New Boston and many many more League:Kvbsa, tournament only
Contact:Tom Dishman
Team Info:Some teams are tournament only and some do play league. Goals of the Blue Jays are to enhance their baseball knowledge to get them ready for high school and beyond.
Tryout Notes:We are currently looking for players for the 2020 season. We are looking for players, teams and coaches for the 2021 season.

Michigan Blue Jays - O'Hara 13U (2020)

City/Area:Ypsilanti and surrounding communities League:KVBSA
Contact:Mike O'Hara
Team Info:We are looking for one player to compete our roster. We need an experienced player who is athletic with a good baseball IQ. Our team will do between 6-8 tournaments with 2 being out of town. Ideally, we will have 12-15 league games which will take place during the week. Indoor practices begin in November with two practices each with at our organization's indoor facility, The Cage.
Tryout Notes:1 player needed, please contact Mike O'Hara to set up a private tryout

Michigan Bluejays - LINZELL 13U (2020)

City/Area:Southern Michigan / northern Ohio League:KVBSA and tournaments
Contact:Gary Linzell
Team Info:Looking for players to complete team. Going to play 12-18 game league with 8-10 tournaments with one big out of state tournament. Practice starts 2 times a week at our indoor facility (the cage) in Ypsilanti Michigan in mid November and goes through mid April. Games start is mid April and run through end of July.
Tryout Notes:Please contact if I interested

Michigan Brewers - Kryscynski 13U (2020)

City/Area:All League:MABF, Tournament
Team Info:Returning 1st place MABF team looking to fill 3/4 roster spots. We will compete in the MABF A division. Looking for all positions. Please send emails to schedule tryouts.
Tryout Notes:Email jkryscynski@gmail.com to schedule a tryout

Michigan Dawgs 13U (2020)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament only
Contact:Bob Leon
Team Info:The Michigan Dawgs are a highly competitive team that finished runner-up in Cooperstown this year and will continue to play at the highest level. We will play 10-12 tournaments, 2-4 out of town, we plan on playing in a fall league and winter training will be 2-3 days a week.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players. All positions are of interest. Middle infield and pitching are at the top of list. Also looking for a lefty.Please call or email for a private tryout.

Michigan Expos (Major) 13U (2020)

City/Area:Michigan League:Tournament Only - USSSA, Perfect Game, and PBR
Contact:Coach Bay Paul
Team Info:We are a 13U Major Level team looking for 1 player. We practice on weekends in Waterford Area, and for our local players, we have a weekday practice.
Tryout Notes:1 player. please fill out form here - http://michiganexpos.com/index.php/private-tryout-request-form


Contact:GREG GEE
Team Info:League/ Tournaments in state/out of state

Michigan Titans 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:Our athletes aspire to play at the high school level. Consequently, or goal is to get our young athletes to their potential.

Michigan Titans Blue 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are a tournament only team. We will play 10 tournaments with two being out of state. Team is stepping up from AA to AAA. Team has a paid coach and the philosophy is best players will play. Team will have year round access to our indoor facility outside of scheduled practices. There will be practices and scrimmages during the week.
Tryout Notes:For more information or to schedule a private tryout please contact us.

Midwest Cubs 13U (2020)

City/Area:Birmingham/Southfield/Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Jerry Brown
Team Info:The Midwest Cubs are currently a AA team with aspirations of moving to AAA within the next year. We are located in the Birmingham/Southfield area and our winter practices are at 2SP performance sports in Madison Heights. We will play 10 tournaments this year with 2-3 of the tournaments out of town (Frankenmuth, Chicago, Ohio/Indiana). We have college level coaches and also provide periodic written evaluations to help guide our players to higher performance.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 2 versatile position players to complete our roster. Pitchers are preferred but not mandatory.

Motor City Bulldogs 13U (2020)

City/Area:Wayne County Eastern Washtenaw county League:Tournament only
Contact:Steve Gentilia
Team Info:13u team playing a competitive tournament only schedule with scrimmage games.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 more players email Steve.gentilia@yahoo.com for a private tryout

MotorCity Mayhem 13U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb and surrounding areas League:MABF & Tournaments
Contact:John Hall
Team Info:The MotorCity Mayhem 13U is a fourth-year baseball team. Our team's focus is to emphasize baseball fundamentals, skill development and teamwork. The Mayhem's sole focus is on the players. We will promote sportsmanship, knowledge of the game, commitment and good friendships. We will play approximately 20-25 MABF regular season games and 5-7 tournaments (with 2-3 tournaments played out of Town/State). We will start mandatory indoor practices in late December/early January. Once the weather warms up, practices will be moved outdoors. These practices will provide our players time to improve as individuals as well as bond and gel as a team
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players to complete the roster. Contact Coach John for a private tryout.

MVP Mustangs 13U (2020)

City/Area:Troy, MI League:Tournament only
Contact:Chris Ogden
Team Info:13U team that will be playing 14U tournaments looking for 2 pitchers to round out a strong squad. College/high school level preparation and training. Paid coaching. Please call or email Coach Chris Ogden for private tryout at team facility in Troy.

NFWB Cobras - Harvey 13U (2020)

City/Area:West Bloomfield, Farmington, Novi, Commerce, Bloomfield Hills and surrounding areas League:KVBSA Advanced
Contact:Andy Cohen
Team Info:The NFWB Cobras are a highly competitive community based travel program. The 13u Cobra-Harvey team will participate in the KVBSA Advanced league. The regular season will consist of league games (April - late June). Home games will be held at Drake Field. Away games will be held within the radius of the appointed league division. We expect to participate in 2 local USSSA level tournaments in the Fall and 6 Michigan-based and 2 out-of-state tournaments in the early Spring thru mid-July timeframe - including the Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach. In Winter, we'll have weekly indoor practices and players will also participate in weekly paid-instructor hitting classes.
Tryout Notes:We are looking to add 1 more player. 1B experience a plus but not required. Please contact Andy Cohen to arrange a private tryout.

NFWB Cobras 13U- Schultz 13U (2020)

City/Area:North Farmington/ West Bloomfield League:KVBSA
Contact:Charlie Rojas
Team Info:We played in the WSBL this past season. We won the 12U division. Planning to move to the KVBSA in 2020. The team will mostly focus on league games, but we will play in 3-4 tournaments over the course of season (families will have weekends to do other things). Our team is focused on development and winning, but we really value our players and families having a positive experience. Fun is a priority. Not interested in burning kids out on baseball. The cost for our team is affordable, and practices won't start until January 2020. We encourage our players to play other sports in off- season . We will offer off-season agility, speed and strength training as a team for our players. For private tryouts please reach out to crojas99@msn.com
Tryout Notes:2 players. Pitching and catching priority.

North Oakland LA Dodgers 13U (2020)

City/Area:Lake Orion, MI League:Tournament only
Contact:Chris Carpenter
Team Info:Play competitive baseball and teach fundamentals to help players make their high school teams. 10-12 tournaments plus fall ball and winter training.
Tryout Notes:Looking to add 1 player - private tryouts


City/Area:Macomb/Oakland County League:MABF & Tournaments
Contact:Pat Kenny
Team Info:PK Prospects, which has been one of the leading organizations in the state for moving players to the college level, is announcing it's tryout date for 13u. Over 90% of graduating players have went on to play college ball. PK Prospects is designed to help initiate the next step in college prep and development - taking these kids to the next level and preparing them for high school baseball and beyond. Our new facility, professional staff, college contacts and ability to put these kids in the right spot for success has been the difference maker each year. Program includes a fall session & games (its ok if you play football or soccer!), offseason training, college showcase tournaments, in-season practices, paid staff, professional instructors, exclusive hitting facility and more!This 13u team will play in the MABF & tournaments. We will play in high profile college venue tourney and showcase events!!Email Patrick@PKplusathletics.com to register for the 13u tryout. Check us out at www.pkplusathletics.com

Precision Patriots 13U (2020)

City/Area:Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Livonia, Westland, and surrounding areas League:KVBSA and/or Tournament
Contact:Doug DiCarlo
Team Info:2020 13U Precision Patriots are looking for motivated players ready to take the next steps to advance their technique within a highly competitive environment. We will participate in a professional winter indoor training facility in Canton Michigan. Tournaments will consist of Cedar Point, a possibility of a week-long tournament, and USSSA tournaments at the AA/AAA level. The seasonal training will elevate players to maximize their high school potential. Additional indoor practice (other than team practices) are available at no additional cost. Looking for a few players to round-out our current roster. Please email or call me for a private tryout.

Prospects 13U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF
Contact:Scott Sikorski
Team Info:Prospects 13U looking to build off a successful 12U season. We will be playing 5-6 tournaments with 1 maybe 2 with overnight stays. We will compete in the MABF A division. We are looking for 1 player preferably with pitching /catching experience but that is not a deal breaker.
Tryout Notes: If interested please contact Coach Scott for a private workout.

Rawlings Tigers Detroit 13U (2020)

City/Area:New Boston & Downriver League:Tournament only
Contact:Chad Ramsby
Team Info:Established team looking to add to existing roster, catching experience a plus but not mandatory. Season will consist of 6-8 tournaments, mostly local with a destination tournament at end of season. We will utilize indoor training at Total Sports Monroe. Outdoor practices will be located in New Boston.
Tryout Notes:To set up a private tryout, please call/text Chad Ramsby (734) 864-6671.

Royal Oak Nationals 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF
Contact:Casey Colussi
Team Info:The Royal Oak Nationals are looking for one more player to complete our roster. We are looking for a skilled and experienced player, with pitching skills preferred. We will play in the NOBF AAA division, where we were highly competitive last season. We will also participate in Fall practices/game, off-season training in the winter, and 3-4 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:To request a private tryout, please contact Casey Colussi at 586-212-9563 or crcoluss@yahoo.com.

Total Baseball 13U (2020)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:KVBSA
Contact:Eric Butler
Team Info:This is a group of players and coaches focused on building skills to eventually compete at the high school level. They will play league games in KVBSA and participate in 3-4 weekend tournaments. The team practices and plays its home games at the Total Sports Complex in Wixom. The facilities include indoor and outdoor turf fields and professional training available on site. Practices begin in January, so it's not too late to join!
Tryout Notes:The 13U advanced-level team at Total Sports is looking for 1-2 more players to complete its roster for the 2020 season.

Total Sports BaseBall at Oakland University 13U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland/Macomb/Lapeer/Wayne League:NOBF
Contact:Pat Slattery
Team Info:Professionally coached 13U team looking to add 1 or 2 players. Trainers previously played professional and collegiate baseball and have a long history of developing confidence in young ball players. With access to state-of-the art facilities at Oakland University, the team will participate in a series of clinics in the offseason. The team will play in the NOBF league along with 2-3 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Please call or text 248-410-1599 for private tryout information.

Turnin 2 13U (2020)

City/Area:Brighton, South Lyon, Howell, Hartland, Pinckney League:
Contact:Greg Everson
Team Info:Turnin 2 13U is led by Greg Everson is a former collegiate (University of Michigan) and professional pitcher with the Royals and Tigers organizations and the team works with Jay Alexander, former head coach of EMU and Wayne State as well as Team USA 18-U, for hitting and fielding instruction as well as helping the players understand what it takes to play high level baseball. We are looking for 1-2 serious players to join a core that has developed from a single digit win team at 9U to placing in 5 of the 10 tournaments we have played in the last year including winning 4 of them. We plan to increase our tournament schedule this year including playing multiple local tournaments and at least one overnight tournament. We will begin practices in October and run an optional physical training program which focuses on strength, speed, and injury prevention.
Tryout Notes:Please reach out to Greg Everson to schedule a tryout

Walther Farms Basball 13U (2020)

City/Area:Greater Flint League:Greater Flint + Tournaments
Contact:Jim Wirsing
Team Info:We will play in the upper division of the Greater Flint League and 5 Tournaments
Tryout Notes:We are looking to add 2 Pitchers to our roster. Contact Jim To schedule a tryout with the team.