13U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30.

5-Tool Baseball - Magallanes 13U (2018)

City/Area:all over League:MABF
Contact:Gary Magallanes
Team Info:Tryouts will be held on July 29 & 30 from 12:00- 3:00 at Whispering Woods park off of 21 mile and Van Dyke. show up about 15 minutes prior to start time. Looking to play in MABF and in state and few out of state tournaments.

A. Green Baseball/Total Baseball Travel 13U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:KVBSA or Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:A. Green Baseball has affiliated with Total Baseball to have their brand join the Total Baseball Travel Organization! A. Green Baseball, like Total Baseball Travel, will receive all the perks given to the Total Baseball Travel Organization players. Those include practice at Total Baseball in their massive indoor space, outdoor practice at the brand new turf, lit indoor fields, and free use of the facility. A. Green Baseball brings over years of success at the elite level. Pre registration can be done at http://agreenbaseball.com/tryout-registration.html and http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/
Tryout Notes:(10-12U: 7/29/17 10am-1pm; 7/30/17 10am-1pm) Location: Total Baseball (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI)(13-18U: 8/5/17 11pm-2pm; 8/6/17 11-2pm) Location: Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI)

Anchor Bay Angels 13U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb, St. Clair, Oakland League:MABF
Contact:Timothy Bussineau
Team Info:We are looking for one or two high level impact players that could help our team as we continue to play in the very competitive 13u "UPPER A" MABF and as a Major USSSA team in 2018!!The player would join a very talented core group of players, with a highly experienced High School coach, who have demonstrated baseball success from the 2014-2017 seasons including over 90 total wins and playing in 7 tournament championship games, winning 3 of those tournaments.We are looking for experienced players who can play multiple positions and can demonstrate the physical fundamentals, and mental toughness, to pitch, hit and compete at the higher levels of 13u and whose ultimate goal is to play High School baseball.You would receive high level offseason training at the Angels private training facilty and play home games at "Angel field" in Macomb Township.
Tryout Notes:Please contact us regarding tryout times.

Ann Arbor Wolves 13U (2018)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:
Contact:JOE MEAD
Team Info:We are Definitive Sports Program... A Youth sports organization that offers Youth Travel Baseball (Ages 9-14), Youth Football and Cheer Teams (Ages 7-14). We also have hopes of expanding into other areas of sports as we are able to grow. We exist to allow children the opportunity to grow their skills as well as learn impactful lifelong lessons such as, hard work, dedication, discipline, respect, team work & so much more. As most of us know, sports are a great way to teach children these and many other valuable lessons. At DSP, we would like this experience to be about so much more than just the game. We hope you'll consider us and look forward to seeing you on the field!
Tryout Notes:Looking for players & coaches for ages 9, 10, 13 & 14 for the upcoming 2017-18 Season. Contact organization to schedule tryouts.

Baseball Utility 13U (2018)

City/Area:Detroit Metro League:Tournament only
Contact:Brad Mumma
Team Info:We are about development. We have the best off season program around. 20 weeks and around 80 hours you'll be instructed by a staff that has played or coached in college or in professional baseball. All baseball skills will be covered and it is all inclusive including speed and strengthLance Long former Detroit Lion), classroom learning, nutrition, recruiting assistance, and much more.Pro instructors: Adam Rosales Current Utility player on Oakland A's, Brad Mumma 9 seasons in pro baseball, Eddie Lara over a decade in pro baseball, guest instructors Joe Roa former Major leaguer, Larry Feola long time pro, and many more. Joe Small former college all american and college coach is the coordinator. Many other current and former college players are involved.

Batbusters - DeMasse 13U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:MABF
Contact:Chris DeMasse
Team Info:Will play 4 local tournaments plus Cal Ripken.
Tryout Notes:If you are unable to make this tryout date please call or email to request a private tryout

Brighton Bulldogs 13U (2018)

City/Area:Brighton League:KVBSA
Contact:Joe Gabriele
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2 players.

Bulldogs 13U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Chris Ritter
Matt Crippen
Team Info:We will do pre season work outs out of Lakeside Baseball in Grosse Pointe. We plan to play 8-10 tournaments and local teams. Most of the tournaments will me local, we plan to play in 2 tournaments that will require overnight travel. We have a solid group of returning players and families. Very experienced coaching, we will have a dedicated non parent skills coach for the entire season. Our goal is to develop these players for the next level of baseball.
Tryout Notes: Competitive Tournament Team looking to add 2 players. Come see what the Bulldogs have to offer. Please contact Coach Chris or Matt for information or tryout.

Clinton Twp. Yellow Jackets 13U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF, Tournaments
Contact:Pete Liske
(586) 563-6881
Team Info:Our teams will be playing in both the MABF and tournaments (local and out of state) My older teams will be attending showcases.
Tryout Notes:We are holding private tryouts. Please contact me to schedule a tryout.

Commerce Cannons 13U (2018)

City/Area:Wixom/Commerce League:KVBSA
Contact:Dave Fiedor
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players for the upcoming season. Specifically looking for a 2B or a pitcher. Please email Coach Hill at: sjh5@comcast.net to schedule a private workout

Detroit Diamond Jaxx 13U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF/Tournaments
Contact:Jim Belt
Team Info:Our team is about development and getting the players ready for the next level. We offer professional pitching, hitting and fielding instruction. We have an indoor facility that offers year round training.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for one or two players to complete or roster. We are lookong for althletic versitile players. Pitching experience is preferred.

Elite Baseball 13U (2018)

City/Area:West Michigan League:
Contact:Pat Remington
Team Info:Will play 7-8 tournaments in 2018. Including Omaha Slumpbusters.4-5 tournaments in West Michigan area. Weeknight league games/scrimmages.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 additional player. Preferably pitcher. Please contact me at premingt@gmail.com for confidential tryout.

Garden City Scorpions 13U (2018)

City/Area:Wayne County League:WSBL
Contact:Brian Earle
Team Info:We are a travel/tournament team. Travel games will be in the Garden City, Canton, Livonia areas. Will play in at least 5 tournaments including at least 1 away tournament. Off season starts in November will include one week day baseball training plus Saturday morning conditioning training. Cost will be $300 per player.
Tryout Notes:Only looking for a couple players, email Brian at p22615mag@yahoo.com for tryout information.

Goodrich Thunder 13U (2018)

City/Area:Goodrich, Clarkston, etc League:GFBL & TOURNAMENTS
Contact:Brian Darby
Team Info:We are looking for experienced travel ball players only. We will be competing in the GFBL and USSSA (AA) tournaments. Will play in 5-6 tournaments w one being out of state (multiple days).
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts only

Great Lakes Wave 13U (2018)

City/Area:Southgate/ downriver League:
Contact:Jason White
Team Info:The 2018 13u Great Lakes Wave is holding private tryouts for next season. We are looking for talented, teachable, team oriented kids, with great families to finish off our roster for the 2018 season. 8-10 local tournaments, one away either Ripken or Youth Nationals, and possible USSSA league play. Winter workouts are held at Downriver Baseball Center with pitching instruction from Jeff Kaiser, and Brownstown Sports Center. Please contact Head Coach Jason White to set up your tryout. Jwhite1512@gmail.com.
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts only please contact coach Jason White. jwhite1512@gmail.com

Hartland Eagles 13U (2018)

City/Area:Hartland and surrounding areas. League:Tournament Only
Contact:Steve Anderson
Team Info:The Hartland Eagles 13U (Anderson) is an all-Tournament Team, we'll compete in 10 - 11 Tournaments throughout the season including going to Kentucky Nationals. Our coaching staff emphasizes on hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and learning the right way to play baseball.
Tryout Notes:The Hartland Eagles 13U (Blue) team is looking for a few more players to fill out our roster for the upcoming 2018 season.Please call, text or email for a private tryout:Steve Anderson734-223-7236scuba.steve1979@ymail.com orGreg Poloni248-755-8209 gregp119@comcast.net

Hitz Grey - Raymo 13U (2018)

City/Area:Northern Macomb/St. Clair counties League:Mabf
810 334 7268
Team Info:Hitz grey team is expecting to play in MABF A division for next season. We are planning to play league games and 3 tournaments. We are looking for all positions. I have been part of A baseball for the last 4 years along with coaching high school ball.
Tryout Notes:Our team is down to the last couple spots. Private tryouts still available. Don't hesitate contact me now.810 334 7268Eric@keerealty.com

Hitz Orange Bolt 13U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Ed Bolt
Team Info:Hitz Orange 13U is looking for 1 player that has pitching experience. We will be playing in the MABF A Division as well as the Youth Nationals tournament in Myrtle Beach. We have a Full Indoor Infield with Professional Instruction and Coaches that are former College Ballplayers. If interested contact Coach Ed at eddiebolt@yahoo.com
Tryout Notes:Hitz Orange 13U is looking for 1 player that has pitching experience. We will be playing in the MABF A Division as well as the Youth Nationals tournament in Myrtle Beach. We have a Full Indoor Infield with Professional Instruction and Coaches that are former College Ballplayers. If interested contact Coach Ed at eddiebolt@yahoo.com

JET BOX 13U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland and Macomb counties League:Tournament Only
Contact:Tom DiMambro
Team Info:Jet Box 13U Oakland is a Major Team that will participate in approximately 10-12 tournaments (in-State and out-State), 1-2 weekly outdoor and indoor practices. We will also utilize the Jet Box Baseball Club facility for our indoor training. This team will be managed and coached by FOUR non-parent coaches, D1- 2 ex-college players with experience in all aspects of the game. Over 50 years of combined coaching experience! We are looking for a few players to complete our 2018 roster that have at least one year of Major Level travel baseball experience including pitching.
Tryout Notes:Please contact Coach Tom DiMambro to inquire about having a private tryout.

LCB Legends Gold 13U (2018)

City/Area:Commerce and surrounding areas League:KVBSA
Contact:Toni Brubaker-Flood
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts for the LCB legends gold team. We have two spots open for the 2018 season. We will play in the KVBSA and approx. 8 tournaments with 2 requiring overnight stays.

Legacy Select 13U (2018)

City/Area:Livingston County / Washtenaw League:KVBSA
Contact:Darrell Davis
Team Info:Legacy Baseball Organization. Fantastic facility with full available for infield / outfield play. We will play in the KVBSA and approximately 8 tournaments with 3 requiring overnight stays.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players to fill our 2018 roster. Pitcher / Catcher is preferred. Other will be considered.

Michigan Bulldogs 13U (2018)

City/Area:Westland and Surrrounding Areas League:KVBSA
Contact:Bryan Hensley
Team Info: The Bulldogs will play 15-20 league games through Kensington Valley Baseball & Softball Association. The season runs mid April through mid July with home games at Jaycee Park in Westland & away games within a 45 minute drive. We will also be doing some local tournaments. Training and development is a major part of the Bulldogs organization which will consist of weekly fall and spring practices and indoor winter practice . We are seeking individuals that are willing to give 100%, pitching experience a plus. We are hosting private tryouts. If interested in playing with a great team contact: Bryan at 734-751-7784 or email at hensley9405@yahoo.com
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2 players to complete our roster, pitching experience a plus.We will be hosting Private Tryouts only.

Michigan Nationals 13U (2018)

City/Area:Wayne/Washtenaw county League:Tournament only
Contact:Brian locke
Team Info:We will be a double A team with experienced players and our main tournament will be Myrtle Bech this year
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players. Middle infield preferred but open to athletes

Michigan Titans 13U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are a tournament team looking to add 1-2 players . This is a solid group of kids and families, looking to bring in solid players and good families. We plan on at least 8 tournaments with one being out of state. Part of our indoor training with include our speed training with coach Brad Cochran (2-time All-American with the University of Michigan). Looking for serious players that have the goal of high school baseball, varsity baseball.
Tryout Notes:Contact us for a private tryout.

Milan Reds 13U (2018)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:KVBSA
Contact:Joe Hatfield
Team Info:Our goal is to have fun playing competitive baseball. We will play 3 tournament. 2 local and 1 up north. Practice starts in late December. Saturdays at the swish zone in Whitmore lake and 1 day a week at the Milan middle school.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2 player that can play multiple positions with a good bat.

MSA Livingston 13U (2018)

City/Area:Livingston County League:KVBSA
Contact:Karl Kling
Tryout Notes:Seeking an additional player for their 2018 summer team. Looking for pitching primarily, secondary position is flexible (although 1B would be great). Head coach is Karl Kling. Interested players should send email to coachkling@msa-livingston.com

Northville Stampede 13U (2018)

City/Area:Northville and surrounding League:KVBSA
Contact:Andrew DiMarco
Team Info:Will be playing in the KVBSA Community Division, several local tournaments, and 1 out of state tournament.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 or 2 more players to round out a solid team.

Novi Nitro - Dunn 13U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland, Wayne, Livingston County League:KVBSA
Contact:Mark Dunn
Team Info:13U Novi Nitro Baseball Club Advanced Level TeamWe are looking for 2 quality players to round out our 2018 roster. Pitching is a plus, but not a requirement.A positive attitude and willingness to give 100% effort is required. Multi sport athletes welcome.We are currently holding winter indoor practice at The Baseball Lab in Novi. Bi-weekly conditioning and Bi-weekly pitching clinic to develop pitchersYou can contact Mark Dunn at 248-388-2934 or email novinitrodunn@gmail.com to set up a private tryout.
Tryout Notes:You can contact Mark Dunn at 248-388-2934 or email novinitrodunn@gmail.com to set up a private tryout.

Novi Nitro - Hull 13U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland, Wayne & Livingston County League:KVBSA
Contact:Coach Hull
Team Info:13U Novi NItro Baseball Club 3rd Year travel team, affiliated & trained by The Baseball Lab of Novi. Coaching staff has multiple years of coaching and playing experience. Our focus on this team is teaching the kids how to play the game with maximum effort and proper mechanics to ensure that each player maximizes their ability. We will be promoting traditional baseball values, sportsmanship, teamwork, fun, development, and commitment to the game, no player or coach is bigger than the game. We will be practicing in the fall & winter indoors at The Baseball Lab, with experienced coaches and training staff. Looking for players to have fun, learn the game and play competitive baseball, 18-20 league games in the KVBSA and play in 3-5 tournaments, with 1 possibly requiring an overnight stay. The season will start in late April and plan to finish by mid July.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players to complete our roster. Indoor training conducted at the Baseball Lab in Novi, MI.

Oakland Indians 13U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament only
Contact:Marc Lenker
Team Info:The 13U Oakland Indians tournament only team is looking for 1-2 players to add to a strong core. The Indians program believes in strong baseball fundamentals and providing a competitive and fun learning environment. Coach Marc Lenker has 17 years of coaching experience after playing at Texas A&M. We will play in 6-8 tournaments and travel to the Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach. We'll have a few Fall team building events and likely scrimmages. Winter program will promote strength and conditioning, game strategy and teamwork, in addition to baseball training. Our focus is to help every player and family on our team have a great baseball experience.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 1-2 players with previous travel ball experience. Pitching experience is desired. Please contact Marc Lenker for a private tryout. CONTACT: 248-418-1450 or marc.lenker@yahoo.com

Oakland Patriots 13U (2018)

City/Area:Lake Orion League:Tournament Only
Contact:Brad Legree
(517) 749-8893
Team Info:We are a very competitive travel baseball team building off of a very competitive 2017 season. We value hard work, solid planning and teamwork. We will play about 50 games next season and plan to travel to the Youth Nationals in Elizabethtown, KY next summer.
Tryout Notes:We're looking for 2 athletic players who can play multiple positions. Our top needs are Catcher and Pitcher. Please call me for a private tryout at 517-749-8893

Oakland Reds Baseball Club 13U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Dale Cozart
Damian Hull
Team Info:Oakland Reds are looking for a few more players to finalize the 2018 rosters. 50+Collegiate players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:Contact Dale Cozart - High School Division Director or Damian Hull - Asst High School Division Director to schedule a private tryout.

Oxford Wildcats Blue 13U (2018)

City/Area:Oxford and surrounding area League:NOBF , Tournament
Contact:Mike Keene
Team Info:The 2018 Oxford Wildcats 13U Blue Fed Team will play in the NOBF 13U AAA division as well as 5-6 tournaments. Some of which will be as a focus in preparation for High School BaseballOur Philosophy is one of Fun, as well as a focus on providing the skills necessary to play this wonderful game at any level for as long as the player wishes
Tryout Notes:If interested contact Mike Keene at 586-292-2226 or mike@mkkeene.comTo discuss or schedule a get together

Plymouth Rails 13U (2018)

City/Area:Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Livonia League:WSBL
Contact:Joe Smith
Team Info:11U Team will play in the WSBL for the 2018 season - looking to add 2-3 players for the upcoming season13U Team will play in the WSBL for the 2018 Season - looking to add 2-3 players for the upcoming season.
Tryout Notes:Please send email to RailsBaseball@yahoo.com to set up a private tryout for either the 11U or 13U team

Southwest Oakland Warriors 13U (2018)

City/Area:Commerce Twp League:Tournament Only
Contact:Mike Higgins
Team Info:Southwest Oakland Warriors are a competitive travel baseball program with most of our teams competing at the major level USSSA. We have teams from 8U up to 15U.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 1-2 players. Please contact me for a private tryout.

Total Baseball Travel 13U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:Total Baseball Travel offers everything to provide an excellent travel experience under one roof. Teams will practice at our second to none facilities; including our newly renovated turf and lit outdoor fields. Perks include free access to our facility, discounts on Total Baseball programs, discounts on equipment in the Total Sports Shop, discounts on trainers in the Performance Center, specialized content only available to travel players, etc. Please pre register by filling out the form (found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Tryout-Registration-Form.pdf) and emailing it to travelbaseball@totalsportscomplex.com.
Tryout Notes:Tryout dates for specific age groups are as follows:(9/10U: Tues, Aug 1 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 10am) (11/12U: Wed, Aug 2 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 12:30pm) (13U: Sat, Aug 5 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Sun, Aug 6 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Tues, Aug 8 6pm @ Total Baseball; Sat Aug 12 3pm @ Total Baseball) (14/15U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 10am) (16/18U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 12:30)9-12U Tryouts will be at Total Baseball's outdoor fields (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI 48393)13U Tryout location will be dependent on date14-18U Tryouts will be at Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI 48374)More info can be found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/

Zappen Prime 13U (2018)

City/Area:Beverly Hills League:Tournament Only
Contact:Schuyler Doakes
(313) 458-6096
Team Info:13u ZAPPEN PRIME- "Major" Team.Tryouts: 7/24 & 7/26 @ 6:00 Detroit Country Day HS Baseball FieldHead Coach: Schulyer Doakes (non-parent) 3rd year as teams head coach. 7 yrs experience in professional baseball.Home Field: Detroit Country Day.Schedule: 9 Tournaments (Open USSSA events & other local tournaments) + Supplemental games will be added to complete schedule.This experience will not only will develop players fundamentally but will provide them the opportunity to grow in a character based environment. The goal of this team is to properly prepare our players to compete at the highest level of baseball at this age level and beyond. Coaching staff is made up of three former Varsity Head Coaches.Practice and scrimmage at Detroit Country Day. 9 Tournaments + Supplemental games will be added to complete schedule. Played over 40 games last year. This experience will not only will develop players fundamentally but will provide them the opportunity to grow in a character based environment. The goal of this team is to properly prepare our players to compete at the highest level of baseball at this age level and beyond. Coaching staff is made up of three former Varsity Head Coaches.
Tryout Notes:For Private Tryouts, please contact Coach Schuyler Doakes via email: schuylerdoakes@yahoo.com