12U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30.

A. Green Baseball 12U (2018)

City/Area:East Michigan League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Henderson
Team Info:Goals of the A. Green Organization:Emphasize on teaching and learning the fundamentals of the game; Conducting oneself in a professional and respectful manner; Promote players that desire to play at the next level.The 12U team will be the foundation of the organization and will be expected to carry the organization until these players move on to college. The team will be strictly a tournament team, and will focus on the development of players, not wins and losses.
Tryout Notes:Currently looking to fill four roster positions.2 outfielders, 1 infielder, and a utility guy. Please contact Eric Henderson if you require additional information or would like to schedule a workout.

A. Green Baseball/Total Baseball Travel 12U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:KVBSA or Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:A. Green Baseball has affiliated with Total Baseball to have their brand join the Total Baseball Travel Organization! A. Green Baseball, like Total Baseball Travel, will receive all the perks given to the Total Baseball Travel Organization players. Those include practice at Total Baseball in their massive indoor space, outdoor practice at the brand new turf, lit indoor fields, and free use of the facility. A. Green Baseball brings over years of success at the elite level. Pre registration can be done at http://agreenbaseball.com/tryout-registration.html and http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/
Tryout Notes:(10-12U: 7/29/17 10am-1pm; 7/30/17 10am-1pm) Location: Total Baseball (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI)(13-18U: 8/5/17 11pm-2pm; 8/6/17 11-2pm) Location: Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI)

Anchor Bay Angels 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb Township League:MABF
Contact:Jaime Sheridan
Team Info:The Anchor Bay Angels finished 15-5 in the MABF Upper A division this year, and 30-13 overall. The Angels expect to play in the 12U Upper A division in 2018, compete in 3-4 tournaments, and will be going to Cooperstown.Practice will begin in November in the Angels' indoor facility, and will include professional hitting, agility, catching, and hitting instruction by a former major league baseball pitcher. Head coach is a former division II pitcher and assistant coach is a former division I outfielder.
Tryout Notes:The Angels are looking to add 1 to 2 experienced starting pitchers for the 2018 baseball season. Individual or small group tryouts will be scheduled asap. Please call, email or text to schedule a tryout.

Anchor Bay Angels - Gooch 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF, tournaments
Contact:Jamie Gooch
Team Info:The Anchor Bay Angels Gooch expect to play in the 12U B division in 2018, compete in 3-4 tournaments, and will be doing a week long experience that is yet to be determined. Practice will begin in November in the Angels' indoor facility, and will include professional hitting, agility, catching, and hitting instruction by a former major league baseball pitcher.
Tryout Notes:Please email me or call for private tryouts.

Ann Arbor A's Gold 12U (2018)

City/Area:Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, and surrounding area League:KVBSA
Contact:Todd Gensheimer
Tryout Notes:The Gold team is looking to fill one to two roster spots for the 2018 season. For questions or more information, please contact Todd Gensheimer (734-276-2244 or Todd@jpsalesco.com ).

Ann Arbor A's White 12U (2018)

City/Area:Ann Arbor and surrounding area League:KVBSA
Contact:Chris Kubacki
Team Info:Playing in fall double header league. Will play KVBSA and ~4 tournaments in spring/summer of 2018.
Tryout Notes:The White team is looking to fill one roster spot for the 2018 season. For questions or more information, please contact Chris Kubacki (734-634-4735 or cpkubacki@yahoo.com).

Baseball Utility 12U (2018)

City/Area:Detroit Metro League:Tournament only
Contact:Brad Mumma
Team Info:We are about development. We have the best off season program around. 20 weeks and around 80 hours you'll be instructed by a staff that has played or coached in college or in professional baseball. All baseball skills will be covered and it is all inclusive including speed and strengthLance Long former Detroit Lion), classroom learning, nutrition, recruiting assistance, and much more.Pro instructors: Adam Rosales Current Utility player on Oakland A's, Brad Mumma 9 seasons in pro baseball, Eddie Lara over a decade in pro baseball, guest instructors Joe Roa former Major leaguer, Larry Feola long time pro, and many more. Joe Small former college all american and college coach is the coordinator. Many other current and former college players are involved.

Berkley Wolfpack 12U (2018)

City/Area:Berkley League:Tournamnet only
Contact:Joe Dabliz
Team Info:In 2018 we will be a 12u house baseball team, looking to improve in our 3rd season together. We are a relatively inexperienced team and are in need of 2 players to help make our team better.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 2 12u eligible kids, preferably pitchers with catching experience a bonus. We are a community based team that is heading to Cooperstown in 2018, mostly for the experience itself. We will hold tryouts on a individual basis, and we are hoping to find the right fit.

Clinton Township Fury 12U (2018)

City/Area:Clinton Township / Macomb County League:MABF / USSSA
Contact:John Reed
Team Info:In 2018, we will be an already established 3rd year MABF baseball team.As of this writing our team record is 17-4 for the current MABF season. We are coming off a great season this year.As coaches, we work hard on teaching the players pitching mechanics, batting mechanics, fielding mechanics, bunting mechanics, lead-off mechanics, secondary lead mechanics, pick-offs, defensive strategies to hold runners on bases w/o having the need actually have a defensive player constantly cover the bases, run downs, bunt defenses and many other aspects of the game. And the occasional trick plays which the kids enjoy practicing. We don't do the same boring practice every week. We'll get out the radar gun to measure throwing velocity, ball speed of the tee, and running times which the kids enjoy. The kids all learn how to play all aspects of the game. All our kids know how to pitch and how to pick runners.We understand travel baseball is a long season commitment and we keep practices new and fresh for the kids each week. I think the kids favorite practices are when we split them into 6 v 6 and they all get to pitch against each other. I think these types of practices set us apart from other teams. We build the kids to work as a team.If you were one of our opponents this year then you saw first hand our skills are controlling the base runners.Our plans:Fall 2017: We plan on playing in the USSSA Fall Baseball League at Mt. Clemens Memorial. Historically, we put players in different positions in the Fall baseball season to take them out of their comfort zone since it's already been a long regular season. All of 2018: We will be playing in the MABF for the 3rd season in a row. We have a core group of kids that we've been working with for the last couple years. We will also be playing in 4-5 tournaments in 2018.We may become part of 5 Tool Baseball in 2018.We practice in the winter time like all other teams. Please call or e-mail me for a try-out or more details. We are looking for 2-3 players.
Tryout Notes:Please call or e-mail me for a try-out or more details. We are looking for 2-3 players.Thanks,Coach John ReedCell: 586.438.0206Email: clintonfury@yahoo.com

Commerce Cannons 12U (2018)

City/Area:Commerce League:KVBSA
Contact:Michael Solomon
Team Info:Team Info: The Commerce Cannons are more than "a baseball team". In addition to traditional baseball skills training, our players are tasked with team building exercises that emphasize being a respectful and responsible person and many other valuable life lessons. Giving back to our community is an example of a life skill that is emphasized by our coaches to our players. Playing in KVBSA league as well as 3-5 tournaments. During the Winter team will participate in a Strength and Conditioning Program and play in a Winter ball league. Team is going to Cooperstown week #4 June 23rd.
Tryout Notes:Please contact coach for private tryout. Pitching experience a plus.

Dearborn Revolution 12U (2018)

City/Area:Wayne County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Rob Shinske
Team Info:We are a Rec all star team participating in 6-7 local tournaments. Possibly one or two overnight weekends in Michigan. .
Tryout Notes:Looking for one or two players. Looking for Catcher, shortstop, or 1st baseman. To schedule an individual tryout, contact Coach Rob.

Detroit Diamond Jaxx White 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF and Tournaments
Contact:Matt Walmsley
Team Info:We are an established team. Will play in the mabf and tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 player to finalize our roster. Please contact for private tryout.

Detroit Tropics 12U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:
Contact:Zach Cooper
Team Info:First year team looking to fill out the roster with players excited to play a challenging schedule of tournaments. Possibility of getting into a league as well! First year travel players welcome! Coaches with college and professional playing experience as well as college coaching experience!
Tryout Notes:Contact for Tryout info

Freedom Baseball 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb, Oakland, Wayne Counties League:MABF
586 961-3561
Team Info:Freedom Baseball has a few remaining open spots for our 12U and 14U Teams for 2018. Our professional, experienced staff will work hard to prepare players both physically and mentally for the game. Winter training will be at Prime Athletes of Michigan starting in November. Players need to be dedicated and prepared to work hard to better themselves.
Tryout Notes:For more info or to schedule a tryout call us at 586 961-3561 or email us at: primeathletesofmich@gmail.com

Great Lakes Wave 12U (2018)

City/Area:Monroe + Downriver League:
Team Info:Looking for a few players to fulfill 12u team for 2018. Already have our bid to Cooperstown!!
Tryout Notes:Contact Coach Tony for a private tryout! 734-497-4647

Hartland Eagles Travel Baseball 12U (2018)

City/Area:Hartland/Livingston County League:KVBSA
Contact:Michael Anderer
Team Info:The Hartland Eagles 12U team plays league games in the KVBSA, plays 4-5 tournaments per season, and this year will play in the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament at the Baseball Hall of Fame. We offer a comprehensive off-season program that will include individualized training on pitching and hitting, plus weekly team practices.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for 1-2 more players for the season. Please contact Coach Mike to schedule a tryout.

Hitz Grey 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:
Contact:Steve Graham
Team Info:We will be a 2nd year team focusing on player development through hard work and practice. We will be participating in the MABF which will offer 20-25 games. In addition we will play in 2 fall Tournaments and 4-6 additional tournaments in the Spring and Summer, including 1 out of State. At Hitz we offer year round training that is available to all players. Along with an experienced coaching staff we will take advantage of the professional instruction offered at our training facility.
Tryout Notes:Hitz 12u Grey is searching for 1 more athlete, preferably with pitching experience, to complete our 2018 roster. Please call, email or text to set up a small group or private tryout.

Hitz Orange 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF & Tournaments
Contact:Pete Serra
Team Info:We played in the MABF "B" division last season and finished with a 7-14-1 overall record. We continuing to build the team with offseason workouts from November to April. Will continue to practice outdoors until weather permits. We develope our kids at the Hitz Training Facility. I do not have a child on the team and that allows me to equally focus on each player.
Tryout Notes:If you would like to try out for the team please contact me via e-mail or text message due to the fact that I do work abnormal hours. Looking for 2 more players. Need 1 catcher to complete depth chart.

Howell Area Baseball Team 12U (2018)

City/Area:Howell League:KVBSA
Contact:Marty Mitchell
Team Info:Established, Howell area 12U team (2018) is looking to add one more player to our Cooperstown bound squad. While pitching is always a bonus, we are not looking for any specific position player. Overall ability, player fit and chemistry with the rest of the team are just as important to us. For the 2018 Season we plan on playing 18-22 league games in the KVBSA mainly in Howell and surrounding geographic area. We also plan on playing in at least 3 other in state tournaments, no overnight stay required, 60 minutes or less from Howell, The week of June 23rd to the 29th we will be playing in the Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament in Cooperstown, NY. This is a wonderful experience for the boys to play in The Birthplace of Baseball!
Tryout Notes:For any questions or to request a private tryout for your son please contact Marty Mitchell.

Jet Box - French 12U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland and Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Patrick French
Team Info:Due to unfortunate circumstances Jet Box 12U is now looking to add (1) additional players to our current roster for the 2018 season. This team is a very competitive team coming of a successful season playing in the "A" division of the MABF. In addition to playing league games in MABF, we are planning on competing in 5-6 local tournaments, plus we will be going to Cooperstown Dreams Park in 2018.Jet Box as an organization stresses the importance of mastering the fundamentals, and focuses on teaching the necessary aspect of game management. We understand what it takes, and have the experience and resources to advance players' abilities.Jet Box Baseball Club also offers our teams an indoor practice facility dedicated for only our teams that allows us to work with our player year round on batting, fielding, pitching, as well as strength and conditioning.
Tryout Notes:If you are interested in scheduling a private tryout, please contact me directly so that we can schedule a time to take a look at your player.

Michigan Storm - Omodio 12U (2018)

City/Area:Michigan League:
Contact:Dan Omodio
Team Info:The upcoming 12U Michigan Storm will be holding private tryouts throughout the month of July. We are also holding our organizational tryouts at the Southgate baseball diamonds (14700 Reaume parkway) on August 5&6 from 12-2pm. We are a highly competitive team that partipates in league play and roughly 9 tournaments per season. Next year we are headed to Cooperstown!! If you are interested in a private tryout please call Dan Omodio to set up a time 313-995-2729. Thank you.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players

Michigan Titans 12U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are a tournament team and looking for 1 or 2 players to add to our core of players. Our program focuses on developing strong mechanics and fundamentals. We go to win every game, but the goal is high school, varsity baseball.Head coach is former Michigan State player, but knows how to teach the game the right way. Training will be at the new GUTS Training Center.We had a successful 2017 campaign (winning two tournaments) and looking to continue that success in 2018.
Tryout Notes:We are hosting private tryouts for 1 or 2 players. Please contact us to set up a private tryout or for more information.

Motor City Bulldogs - Curry 12U (2018)

City/Area:SouthEast League:Tournaments only
Contact:Jay Curry
Team Info:Looking for one all around player for our team we are a tournament team only we will play 10 + tournaments + 1 out of state tournament to Pittsburgh.

Motor City Flyers 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb county League:MABF and Tournaments
Contact:Chuck Pegelo
Team Info:Looking for players to join a new team forming for 2018. Great core group of kids and families. We will be competing in the MABF and also 3-4 local tournaments along with Cooperstown.We will be focusing on player development and fundamentals to get your kids next level. With are winter training at 2SP sports performance.Any questions feel free to email or contact me
Tryout Notes:Please email or contact me for private try outs

North Oakland A's 12U (2018)

City/Area:North Oakland County League:Tournaments
Contact:Tim Taylor
Team Info:9/22/2017 - Looking for two players to fill out the 12 player roster for 2018.12U A's is a tournament team only, no league play. We will be participating in 8 tournaments with a minimum of one destination experience. Likely the Ripken Experience in Myrtle BeachPlayers can expect a very strong off-season training program consisting of high level baseball skill development as well as professional speed and agility training. Organization owned training facility located in Holly, Michigan with 6 dedicated hitting tunnels and a full infield under roof.
Tryout Notes:To receive more information or schedule a private tryout please call or text 248-224-5924 or email to ttaylor4092@outlook.com

North Oakland Naturals 12U (2018)

City/Area:Northern Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Chad Rohrbaugh
Team Info:We are a newly formed competitive travel team comprised of experienced travel baseball players. We will be based out of the Northern Oakland County, and play 12U AA Tournament ONLY.Seeking to add 1-2 new talented players to our core of competitive players. While firmly committed to encouraging participation in an alternate off season sport, the team will hold weekly practices and/or scrimmagesthis fall. Weekly, winter indoor practices will be held at an Oakland county training facility with professional instruction, in addition to one other weekly indoor gym practice. 2018 will bring twice weekly outdoor practices and scrimmages against competitive teams. We will travel to 7-10 tournaments at a AA level (or Open) and to include at least two out of area weekend tournaments. Further our team will travel to a week-long event at either Cooperstown or Cal Ripken to be decided by the team as a whole once the roster is complete. If you can bring your positive attitude, love for the game, hustle mentality, then please call or email as below to arrange for a private tryout.

Oakland Reds Baseball Club 12U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Dale Cozart
Damian Hull
Team Info:Oakland Reds are looking for a few more players to finalize the 2018 rosters. 50+Collegiate players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:Contact Dale Cozart - High School Division Director or Damian Hull - Asst High School Division Director to schedule a private tryout.

Oxford Wildcats Blue 12U (2018)

City/Area:Northern Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Brett Moore
Team Info:We are a tournament only team. We practice 1-2 times per week in the off season, participate in 6-7 local tournaments, and will play 1-2 travel tournaments next year, plus Cal Ripken tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players for next year 12u season. Looking players that want to grow fundamentally and have fun while enjoying the game of baseball. Tryouts will be conducted privately. Please contact me for more details.

Phantoms Baseball 12U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Scott Bjerke
Team Info:Phantoms Baseball is a "AA" team.Basic goals are to teach the necessary skills and knowledgeto advance our players to the next level with High School being the final goal. We develop each of our players to learn multiple positions to be successful at that next level.
Tryout Notes:Looking for players all positions.Personal try outs still available.Winter training at Oakland Yard Athletics in Waterford.Team will play in the OYA Winter Baseball LeagueTournaments in the Spring and Summer with Finaltournament at the Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beachin South Carolina in July.

Precision Patriots 12U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit Area League:KVBSA
Contact:Tom DiPonio
Team Info:competitive 12u team that will play tourney/KVBSA league play/attend Cooperstown...coached by non parent
Tryout Notes:looking for 12th player do to a player moving out of town.....individual tryout at Precision Baseball in Canton

Rochester Rays 12U (2018)

City/Area:Michigan League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Fox
Team Info:The Rochester Rays 12U team will be a 2018 tournament only baseball team. The Rays offer extensive off-season training in the areas of speed/agility, pitching, hitting and fielding. The Rochester Rays are looking for 1-2 players to round out our roster.We will be doing high-quality tournaments including Cooperstown in July 2018.
Tryout Notes:Please contact any of the following people to arrange a private tryout.Eric Fox efoxhome@gmail.comJeff Fleury jfleury@thefleuryfirm.comResa Fox rochesterrays@gmail.com

Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs AA 12U (2018)

City/Area:Bay City League:USSSA
Contact:Ken Quackenbush
Tryout Notes:Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs 12U AA team is seeking players at all positions to fill roster for 2018 travel season. Interested players can schedule an individual tryout.

Stampede Baseball Club (Anchor Bay) 12U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:John Osenkowski
Team Info:The 2018 12U Stampede Baseball Club will be conducting player evaluations for the upcoming season. Our team is entering it's 5th season within the MABF and has had it's core group of ball players since T-ball !!! Our goal is team growth through continuity, hard work, and fun !!! Please see the Stampede success for the 2017 season:11U MABF A Division Champions - BACK 2 BACK seasons !!!4th Place in USSSA "AA" Michigan State tournament2nd Place in USSSA "NIT" King of Spring tournament1st Place in USSSA Omaha Champions Village national tournamentPlayer evaluations will take place on Saturday, July 29th @ 10:00am - Pollard Park (New Baltimore)For more information, please contact Coach John or see the link to our website:osenkows@hotmail.com http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=mjstampede Thank you for your interest in the Stampede !!!
Tryout Notes:Looking for no more than 2 athletes.

The Oakland Reds Baseball Club 12U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit Area League:Tournament Only
Contact:Mitch Sykes
Team Info:The Oakland Reds are looking for a few more key spots to finalize the 2018 rosters for our 10U and 12U teams!
Tryout Notes:Please go to our website and register for a private tryout.

Total Baseball Travel 12U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:Total Baseball Travel offers everything to provide an excellent travel experience under one roof. Teams will practice at our second to none facilities; including our newly renovated turf and lit outdoor fields. Perks include free access to our facility, discounts on Total Baseball programs, discounts on equipment in the Total Sports Shop, discounts on trainers in the Performance Center, specialized content only available to travel players, etc. Please pre register by filling out the form (found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Tryout-Registration-Form.pdf) and emailing it to travelbaseball@totalsportscomplex.com.
Tryout Notes:Tryout dates for specific age groups are as follows:(9/10U: Tues, Aug 1 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 10am) (11/12U: Wed, Aug 2 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 12:30pm) (13U: Sat, Aug 5 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Sun, Aug 6 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Tues, Aug 8 6pm @ Total Baseball; Sat Aug 12 3pm @ Total Baseball) (14/15U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 10am) (16/18U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 12:30)9-12U Tryouts will be at Total Baseball's outdoor fields (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI 48393)13U Tryout location will be dependent on date14-18U Tryouts will be at Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI 48374)More info can be found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/

Valley Venom 12U (2018)

City/Area:Milford, Highland, White Lake, Commerce League:KVBSA
Contact:Bob Green
Team Info:We are playing 12U Community out of Highland and also traveling to Cooperstown Dreams Park in June. Anyone interested please contact head coach Bob Green.
Tryout Notes:Looking for a few players for the season.

West Michigan Outlaws 12U (2018)

City/Area:Grand Rapids League:
Contact:Felix Andino
Team Info:We will compete in both league play and 6-7 tournaments including 2 that require overnight stay. Indoor practices begin in Jan 2018.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1-2 players with catching and pitching experience.

West Michigan Warriors 12U (2018)

City/Area:Grand Rapids League:
Contact:Jeff Tinkler
Team Info:We will be playing in a local league in Grand Rapids area. Our team plans on playing 5 tournaments

Wildcats Baseball Club 12U (2018)

City/Area:North Oakland County League:tournament only
Contact:Paul Marshall
(248) 535-5701
Team Info:New 12U team looking for one experienced player to complete our roster. We will be a tournament only team playing in 8-10 tournaments both in and out of Michigan including Cooperstown All Star Village. We will be training out of the Varsity Shop. Our team goals for this year are to develop each player to their fullest potential.
Tryout Notes:For more information or to schedule a private tryout please contact Paul Marshall at paul.marshall.mi@charter.net or (248) 535-5701.