11U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30, 2020.

Baseball Utility Travel 11U (2020)

City/Area:Fraser/Warren League:Tournament Only
Contact:Joe Small
Team Info:Development. Our mission statement could end right there. We are about developing your child into the best player he can possibly be at the age and skill level he is currently at. Striving for that on a year to year basis you will see the growth of your child both on the field and off the field. Nothing, including winning will ever trump the development of your child, period. All of this being done in a positive environment that promotes maximum growth.
Tryout Notes:Please wear Baseball Pants/Belt/Jersey/Hat. Contact team for a private tryout.

Commerce Cannons 11U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland, Livingston, Wayne Counties League:KVBSA
Team Info:We are looking for 1-2 additional players to fill our team out. We will practice throughout the winter and play 14-16 league games in the Advanced division as well as 5-6 tournaments including 1-2 during the winter months. We will go to Cooperstown Dreams Park in 2021. Our goal is to develop baseball players and young men and deepen the passion for the game of baseball.
Tryout Notes:Please contact contact us for a private tryout. If this is still posted we are still looking to fill our last 1-2 spots.

DBacks Elite 11U (2020)

City/Area:Anywhere in Michigan League:Tournaments only
Contact:Mike Makki
Team Info:The DBacks Elite have 10+ teams. All of our teams will have access to two indoor facilities in Dearborn Heights for training! We have had a lot of success and players have traveled from all over the country to play for us. We even had a player from Hawaii in 2019. Our success includes our 15U team winning the Pastime National Championship which had 100 teams in it. The DBacks Elite has two current and one former college coach on staff to help players reach their goals.

Detroit Metro Stars Red 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Pete Tocco
Team Info:The Detroit Metro Stars are expanding and adding a second team for 11u in the 2020 season. We are looking for players to round out an already talented and experienced roster for the red team. We will be holding private tryouts Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14. Please contact coach Pete to register your player in advance.The Detroit Metro Stars Baseball Club is committed to the development of each and every player. We offer a variety of training programs run by coaches with a proven record of developing players. Our training will help each player achieve their goals. The Detroit Metro Stars 11u team will be participating in the MABF for the 2020 season and will play in several tournaments. Contact:Pete Tocco @ 586-943-4153petertocco@comcast.net
Tryout Notes:Contact team to schedule a private tryout.

Detroit Revolution 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb and Oakland County League:MABF
Contact:Eddie Lara
Team Info:Our Mission is to create and provide a fun and exciting baseball environment that is conducive to developing coaches and players of excellence. Emphasis on elevating a player's skill level through organized practices and fundamental drills will enhance individual and team play. Life lessons, integrity and character building will be our highest priority goals.
Tryout Notes:Detroit Revolution is looking to fill teams for 8U-15U. Please contact Eddie Lara for tryout dates and information

Detroit Revolution Blue - Chamberlain 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb/Oakland/Wayne League:MABF
Contact:Jason Chamberlain
Team Info:Our Mission is to create and provide a fun and exciting baseball environment that is conducive to developing coaches and players of excellence. Emphasis on elevating a player's skill level through organized practices and fundamental drills will enhance individual and team play. Life lessons, integrity and character building will be our highest priority goals.
Tryout Notes:Please email/txt me to set up a private tryout. Pitching is a plus.

East Michigan Muskies 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb County League:MABF
Contact:Brandon Hoef
Team Info:We are looking for experienced players who will provide full effort, and will be a great teammate! We will complete in MABF league play and multiple tournaments. Fear the Fish!
Tryout Notes:2020 11u Muskies are looking for 1 player to join an already talented group of boys. Please contact Coach Brandon if you have interest in a tryout. Days and Times are flexible.

FBC Waves 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb/Shelby Twp. League:MABF
Contact:Mike Barone
Team Info:FBC Waves 11U will be a second year team that features a strong core of dedicated baseball players. For 2018, we were a first year team and played competitively in the MABF A Division. We are looking to build off a strong first year which included a USSSA South Farmington Blues Invitational Championship! Our organization is headed by former NCAA infielder Pat Kenny, who also owns and operates the highly successful PK Prospects (see www.pkplusathletics for full bio and details). Our coaching staff includes a former college baseball player who brings a wealth of knowledge and top notch training. The training provided by our coaching staff as well as the support from Pat separates the Waves from any other organization. The Waves organization includes many former college and professional players. Our training will begin in the fall with a 6 week schedule including 1 tournament (optional for fall sport athletes). Winter training will be 12 weeks at Premier Sports Center in Shelby Township where we now have our own EXCLUSIVE hitting area and turf time. We will compete in the MABF and plan to compete in an early spring out of state tournament as well as 4 tournaments during the season with 1 being at Sports Force Park in Cedar Point. Tryouts will be held July 10 and July 17 at Austin Catholic High School, which is exclusively used by the FBC Waves for home games and practice. Don't miss your chance to be part of an exciting and growing organization that is dedicated to providing the best development opportunity for your baseball player!
Tryout Notes:Contact team for a private tryout.

Hawks GOLD 11U (2020)

City/Area:State-Wide League:KVBSA
Contact:David Piesko
Team Info:In 2020, Hawks GOLD will host two 11U teams. The differences between the two 11U teams in 2020 is based on how many tournaments each team plays. Every HG team receives the same TOP NOTCH player development methodology. This player development program has demonstrated over and over to consistently produce the top rated teams in every age group year over year. HG supports and encourages multi-sport athletes and we work in a flexible way with these athletes to help them continue their interest in other sports while supporting their baseball training. The HG program supports players from around of the state of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Our unique player development process supports long distance players with an effective plan to develop the player in every facet of the game. HG player tuition includes all uniform, bat bags, helmets, tournament / league fees including pitching, fielding and hitting training and instruction. In 2020, HG will have a dedicated building for HG players to utilize for pitching, hitting and fielding.
Tryout Notes:To participate in the Hawks GOLD player evaluation, we will need each player that plans to participate in the HG tryouts, to complete the online "Player Evaluation" form. Below, you will find the link to the online player evaluation form. LINK: https://ww

HITZ 11U (2020)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan League:
Team Info:HITZ Baseball Club will be fielding teams in 8U-18U age groups. Our teams will range from MABF league teams, all tournament teams and college exposure teams. Coaches for the teams range from High school varsity coaches, past college players, trainers and coaches with many years of experience. Southeast Michigan's premier training center, providing 20,000-square footage of indoor training including an indoor infield and 7 hitting/pitching cages. HITZ is home to southeast Michigan's premier indoor Baseball/Softball Training Center.
Tryout Notes:For tryout information please click on link.

HITZ - Orange 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb / Oakland County League:MABF
Contact:Dan Langbeeb
Team Info:HITZ-Orange is looking for 1 more player, preferably with pitching experience. We will be competing in the MABF, 4 local tournaments and the week long Cal Ripken Experience in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
Tryout Notes:Contact Dan Langbeen @ dlangbeen210@gmail.com or @ 248-729-3042 for a private tryout.

Hornets Baseball Federation 11U (2020)

City/Area:Livonia and surrounding cities League:KVBSA
Contact:Anthony DiCicco
Team Info:The core of our team plays other travel sports at a high level. They are all good baseball players, but the budget to play another travel sport is hard for most families. The Hornets Baseball Federation was created for that reason. With a sponsorship and light fund raising, we have gotten the price down to $300 per family for the entire travel season. This includes all uniforms, community level travel league, 2-3 tournaments, and all winter and outside practices. The coaching staff is made up of coaches who played at the travel level, college, and competitive baseball and softball on the national level. One of our coaches is the head coach for the JV team at Stevenson High School. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/HornetsBaseballFederation and be sure to watch for our tryout dates. We will post tryouts in the coming months.
Tryout Notes:We have 5 open positions. We are looking for pitchers, all positions including another catcher. No child will ever sit more than 2 innings in a row on this team. If we pick your child up, it's because we want to develop his skills.

LCB Legends White 11U (2020)

City/Area:Commerce Area League:KVBSA and Tournaments
Contact:Michael Kuhn
Team Info:We are the 11U Legends White Baseball Team. We are Kipp LeMarbe- head coach, along with our two assistant coaches Michael Kuhn and Mark Piggott. We are extremely excited about this coming year and looking forward to watching our boys become friends and continue their baseball development. I wanted to take this opportunity to get some information out to everyone. We will utilize Team Snap as our communication and organization tool. At this point, we will practice at Total Sports in Wixom, On the Dunes in Commerce and potentially High Performance in Keego Harbor. Once the schedule is finalized we will publish. We will have 3-4 sandlot get together's in the fall so the kids can get to know each other prior to the winter practice months. We will keep you posted as to dates/times. We will also participate in the KVBSA league and 3-4 Tournaments a year. We do have a couple spots we are looking to fill. We are looking for talented players with good families. We have been particular in our search therefore a few spots still remain open. If you have family, friends, or prior teammates that match our goals we are can hold private tryouts or one big tryout depending on the level of interest. Please contact us to schedule tryout. Feel free to pass along the information to anyone you now.
Tryout Notes:Please contact us for a private tryout.

Legacy 11U (2020)

City/Area:Brighton League:KVBSA, Tournament Only
Contact:Ryan Ford
Team Info:Legacy Baseball in Brighton is home to the largest baseball organization in Michigan. Legacy utilizes world class facilities and technology to provide an excellent travel baseball experience maximizing development. Age group coordinators have been hired to oversee and support coaches by supplying practice plans, tournament knowledge, and an off season curriculum to ensure player and team progression. Select and Community level options are available at each age group for players of different skill level and commitment.
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts are available upon request!

Legacy Major 11U (2020)

City/Area:Entire State from Kalamazoo to Detroit League:Tournament only
Contact:Jason Ladd
Team Info:Won the World Series in Canton, Spring Kickoff in Canton, and the Omaha Slumpbuster this year were 40-7.
Tryout Notes:1 player only

LSI Elite Lightning 11U (2020)

City/Area:West Bloomfield/Bloomfield/Commerce/Waterford League:NOBF & KVBSA and Tournament Only (Varies by Team)
Contact:Brian McIsaac, Program Director
Team Info:LSI Elite Lightning is a high-performance baseball program. We are looking for motivated players ready to take the next steps in advanced technique within a highly-competitive environment. Some teams will take place in fall 2019 tournaments. All teams will participate in a professional winter training program, followed by league-, and/or tournament-only 2020 seasons. The program is seeking qualified individuals looking to better equip themselves with the skills to succeed at the next level (wherever that may be). 11U-14U tryout information is below and 15U will offer private tryouts only.
Tryout Notes:Team will offer private tryouts only (please contact if interested)

MC Shamrocks 11U (2020)

City/Area:Waterford and surrounding cities League:NOBF and tournament only
Contact:Justin Lewis
Team Info:Our team goals vary by age and skill level. We get the most exposure for players (most all americans over the past two years). Over 30 championship finishes this year. We have league teams, tournament only and developmental teams. We provide the most training in the offseason than anyone around.
Tryout Notes:Please visit motorcityshamrocks.com to register. All players must register prior to tryouts. All tryout dates and fields are located on our website.

Michigan Blue Jays 11U (2020)

City/Area:Ypsilanti, Canton, Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Belleville, New Boston and many many more League:Kvbsa, tournament only
Contact:Tom Dishman
Team Info:Some teams are tournament only and some do play league. Goals of the Blue Jays are to enhance their baseball knowledge to get them ready for high school and beyond.
Tryout Notes:We are currently looking for players for the 2020 season. We are looking for players, teams and coaches for the 2021 season.

Michigan Blue Jays - Sindlinger 11U (2020)

City/Area:Ypsilanti League:KVBSA
Contact:Dana L Sindlinger
Team Info:We will be participating in KVBSA Advanced and 6-7 tournaments. For a private tryout please call Dana Sindlinger at 734-740-5507.
Tryout Notes:The 2020 Michigan Blue Jays are looking for one player to round out our roster. For a private tryout please call Dana Sindlinger at 734-740-5507.

Michigan Nationals Elite 11U (2020)

City/Area:Canton League:Tournament
Contact:Michael Davenport
Team Info:looking for 1player to fill remaining roster. Team will play 13-14 tournaments (10 local, 4 out of state). This team will also be going to Cooperstown 2021. If you are interested please contact Michael Davenport at 734 231 2787 or nickyd1020@comcast.net for a private tryout. We are looking for athletic, hardworking, advanced players with travel experience that are willing to learn and train for multiple positions. Pitching and catching experience a plus.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 advanced player with travel baseball experience

Michigan Titans 11U (2020)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament Only
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:Our athletes aspire to play at the high school level. Consequently, or goal is to get our young athletes to their potential.

Novi Heat Black 11U (2020)

City/Area:Novi and surrounding area League:KVBSA Advanced
Contact:Abe Kandah
Team Info:Will play advanced KVBSA league plus 4-5 tournaments. Open to any advanced level player. Cooperstown ticket in 2021 confirmed.
Tryout Notes:Seeking 1 player to complete roster.

Novi Nitro 11U (2020)

City/Area:Novi, Northville, Livonia, Canton League:KVBSA, NOBF, Tournaments, {USSSA and FAAST}
Contact:Carl Smith
Team Info:The Novi Nitro Baseball Club is a 501c3 non-profit youth travel baseball organization. B in Novi, MI and open to members from any area ranging from 8U to 18U. The Club was started to create and inviting format making it fun for the kids and their parents. Our goal is to help develop youth athletes while building integrity and strong character in our members. Our winter training home is The Baseball Lab located at 22759 Heslip Dr., Novi, MI 48375. They provide the best technology and coaching assistance in Michigan to support the training and development of our members. Blaise Woods the new owner the Baseball Lab and new director of Player development for the Nitro. Blaise is extremely serious and dedicated to developing high level baseball players and brings a professional level to the Nitro & Pirates Club. Come check out our new program and what we are about.Blaise is a local Detroiter, graduating from Cass Tech in '08. He was drafted by the Phillies in '07, and has played professionally in his career. He is currently the assistant head coach at Groves High School in Birmingham. He has trained/coached at the Precision Patriots Baseball Club for the last 5 years, and has reached the final four the last 2 years at the Perfect Game Tournament in Florida. He has also trained numerous players and coached teams from 11U-18U that have played in the following tournaments - Black Swamp, Cincy Flames, Perfect Game (GA/FL) and Grand Park National. His goal is to build teams that can play at these levels.
Tryout Notes:You can register for tryouts @ https://www.novinitrobaseballclub.org. If you can not make one of the scheduled tryout dates. Contact Carl Smith via email @ mi.nitrolabnovi@gmail,com

Precision Patriots 11U (2020)

City/Area:Metro Detroit area League:League/Tourney Only
Contact:Tom DiPonio
Team Info:The Precision Patriots are a 25 team organization that has a few age groups looking for a player or 2....indoor workouts held at Precision Baseball in Canton...teams area mix of league/tourney and tourney only...have openings at 9u/10u/11u/16u/17u
Tryout Notes:private tryouts only....contact Tom at coachtomd@comcast.net

SCS Mariners "A" 11U (2020)

City/Area:Southeast Michigan Area League:MABF
Contact:Jason Thimm
(810) 305-4475
Team Info:The SCS Mariners 11u team is looking to add a few players to a very solid core. This team won the MABF 10u A Division in 2019 and have the core players returning for 2019. We are dedicated to hard work, development, sportsmanship and fun. We will be working out through the fall (late October) then begin winter training in January. All home games and practices are held at Kyte Monroe Sports Complex in St. Clair Shores. We will be competing in the MABF in 2020 along with 5-6 tournaments including The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach and Sports Force Park at Cedar Point. Even with these top notch facilities at our disposal and tournaments on our schedule, our player fees are one of the most affordable. Please contact Jason Thimm if interested in arranging an individual tryout.
Tryout Notes:Individual tryouts upon request only. Please contact Jason Thimm if interested.

Washington Patriots 11U (2020)

City/Area:Macomb / Oakland Counties League:MABF & Select Tournaments
Contact:Coach P.
Team Info:The Washington Patriots Baseball Organization is a non-profit youth baseball organization that fosters and maintains a family-friendly organization encompassing a competitive team comprised of great kids and talented athletes. Our most important mission by far is to not only help our young athletes become better players but to provide the building blocks through the game of baseball so they can grow to become amazing adults. The Patriots are led by a multi-talented coaching staff to include a U.S. Military/Afghanistan War Veteran and former college athlete, and a former Romeo Bulldog and head coach. The Patriots are also coached, trained, advised, and mentored by Coach John Musachio. "Coach Moose" coached at the NCAA Division I level for 12 years, including Michigan State University (MSU) (Big Ten Conference), where he coached for 3 seasons and Oakland University (OU) (Horizon League), where he served as Head Coach for nine seasons. During his time in the college ranks, he was the Oakland University all time wins leader and the 2012 Summit League Coach of the Year. He has evaluated, scouted and recruited thousands of players throughout his career. Coach Moose has produced over 40 NCAA Division I All-League players and his ability to develop players has culminated in over 20 players signing professional baseball contracts. Regarded as a true family man and a man of character, Coach Moose's developmental platform goes further than just the baseball diamond. Through this talented leadership team, the players are not only taught the game of baseball but are also taught valuable life lessons such as respect, attention to detail, the importance of hard work, leadership, discipline, sportsmanship, and accountability. The full-time coaching staff have been together over 5 years and are all volunteers.
Tryout Notes:Contact us via email, website, or Facebook (Washington Patriots) for a private or semi-private tryout. The Patriots are looking for good kids with baseball talent. We can develop the correct skills and proper techniques for any kid with a good attitude