11U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30.

A. Green Baseball/Total Baseball Travel 11U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:KVBSA or Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:A. Green Baseball has affiliated with Total Baseball to have their brand join the Total Baseball Travel Organization! A. Green Baseball, like Total Baseball Travel, will receive all the perks given to the Total Baseball Travel Organization players. Those include practice at Total Baseball in their massive indoor space, outdoor practice at the brand new turf, lit indoor fields, and free use of the facility. A. Green Baseball brings over years of success at the elite level. Pre registration can be done at http://agreenbaseball.com/tryout-registration.html and http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/
Tryout Notes:(10-12U: 7/29/17 10am-1pm; 7/30/17 10am-1pm) Location: Total Baseball (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI)(13-18U: 8/5/17 11pm-2pm; 8/6/17 11-2pm) Location: Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI)

Avengers Baseball Club 11U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:MABF
Team Info:Looking to add to our core for the 2018 season. We will play in the MABF and also participate in 4-6 tournaments. 2-3 of our tournaments may be travel. We are looking for all around players and players that want to learn.
Tryout Notes:Please call or email to schedule a tryout.

Baseball Utility 11U (2018)

City/Area:Detroit Metro League:Tournament only
Contact:Brad Mumma
Team Info:We are about development. We have the best off season program around. 20 weeks and around 80 hours you'll be instructed by a staff that has played or coached in college or in professional baseball. All baseball skills will be covered and it is all inclusive including speed and strengthLance Long former Detroit Lion), classroom learning, nutrition, recruiting assistance, and much more.Pro instructors: Adam Rosales Current Utility player on Oakland A's, Brad Mumma 9 seasons in pro baseball, Eddie Lara over a decade in pro baseball, guest instructors Joe Roa former Major leaguer, Larry Feola long time pro, and many more. Joe Small former college all american and college coach is the coordinator. Many other current and former college players are involved.

Bloomfield Sting - Manz 11U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland and Macomb County League:NOBF/AAA tournaments
Contact:Paul Manz
Team Info:The 11U Bloomfield Sting will be playing in the NOBF and 5-6 USSSA major tournaments. We are looking for 1 player to help round off our roster and play highly competitive baseball.
Tryout Notes:The 11U Bloomfield Sting is looking for 1 major baseball player. Please contact Paul Manz for a private tryout- manzart@comcast.net

Bloomfield Sting - Najor 11U (2018)

City/Area:Bloomfield Hills , Oakland County League:NOBF & Tournments
Contact:Vincent Najor
Team Info:The Bloomfield Sting is proud to introduce a new 11U 2018 baseball team. The Bloomfield Sting is a competitive travel baseball organization dedicated to building strong programs and young men at all age levels. Our 11U team will participate in the NOBF spring season and play 3-4 tournaments throughout the year. Our goal will be to play roughly 30-35 games this season. The team will practice September thru March with winter indoor training, and specific professional training for pitching, catching, hitting also speed and agility conditioning. The 11U Najor team is focused on creating fundamentally sound baseball players that understand the game of baseball. This will be accomplished through detailed, high repetition, and high energy practice sessions. Your player will also learn how strong work ethics and a positive attitude can translate to being a better baseball player, teammate, student, and friend.

Commerce Cannons 11U (2018)

City/Area:Commerce Township League:KVBSA Advanced
Contact:Rick Rachner
Team Info:The Commerce Cannons 11U team is looking to add two more players for the 2017-2018 season. We offer a great experience.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2 players, pitchers or 1 middle infielder for this upcoming season. If interested please call Rick Rachner @ 248.508.7575.

D-Backs Elite 11U (2018)

City/Area:East Michigan League:Tournament Only
Tryout Notes:11U Dbacks looking for a catcher and 2 other players, if they can pitch is a plus. Team will be holding winter workouts at the new indoor dome at Schoolcraft College in Livonia.The cost to play is only 400 dollars which includes all tournaments uniforms and winter workouts. All Tournaments will be local.To be eligible to play must be born after May 1 2006. If interested please contact:Coach Dale at 734-578-6770 or email at ochod51@yahoo.comWebsite: http://www.dbackselite.com

Detroit Diamond Jaxx 11U (2018)

City/Area:All League:Mabf
Contact:Tim Kamego
Team Info:Established team looking for one player
Tryout Notes:Looking for one player please contact Tim for a private tryout

Detroit Metro Stars - Wolf 11U (2018)

City/Area:Greater Metro Detroit League:MABF
Contact:Joe Wolf
Team Info:We will play in the MABF Upper A division. We plan on playing in 4-6 tournaments. Most will be local with one possible travel out of town/state tournament.
Tryout Notes:Looking for players that put forth great effort and attitude who want to be apart of a TEAM!!!

Downriver Demons 11U (2018)

City/Area:Downriver Southeast MI League:Detroit Travel League
Contact:Shawn Webster
Team Info:Downriver Demons is looking to add a couple of more players to enhance our established team. Demons 11U will be playing in the Detroit Travel League with games in the downriver area, We will also be participating in five tournaments, with one of those being Cedar Point. Off season practices begin in November. Players should be committed, coachable, and positive. Private tryouts are being offered through the month of August. Please contact Shawn at 248-202-3537 or downriverdemons@yahoo.com to set up a tryout.
Tryout Notes:Please contact Shawn at 248-202-3537 or downriverdemons@yahoo.com to set up a tryout.

East Macomb Muskies 11U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb Township League:MABF
Contact:Paul Addis
Team Info:The East Macomb Muskies Baseball Club (EMMBC) is committed to succeed at every age of eligible competition. The organization consists of elite managers, coaches, and instructors which produce top tier baseball players. Our goal is develop players that strive to be the best they can be and compete at the highest level of their ability.
Tryout Notes:We are looking to add to our existing core for the 2018 season. We will be competing in 5-6 tournaments as well as the MABF A Division. Please email for a private tryout.

Griffens Baseball Club 11U (2018)

City/Area:Birmingham League:NOBF
Contact:Dave Harris
Team Info:Team will play NOBF and 6/7 tournaments in 2018 including an out of state event.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 or two players to add to our nucleus. Private tryouts are also available.

HITZ ORANGE 11U (2018)

Team Info:The HITZ BASEBALL CLUB is an organization consisting of elite managers, coaches, and instructors which produce top tier baseball players. The goal of Hitz is to develop our players to become the best players and young men they can be, while competing at their highest ability.
Tryout Notes:Looking for one player. Individual tryout by appointment only.

Jet Box - Essian 11U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:MABF
Contact:Matthew Essian
Tryout Notes:Looking for one player. Individual tryout by appointment only.

LCB Legends Gold 11U (2018)

City/Area:Walled Lake/Commerce League:KVBSA
Contact:Adam Steffes
Steve White
Team Info:We are a competitive baseball team that will play in the Advanced Division of KVBSA next season. Tournament plans are 4/5 local and 2/3 out of town, also playing 18-20 league games. Our expectations are high and we strive to be great, play hard and have fun.
Tryout Notes:We are looking to add 1 or 2 players to our roster. Please contact team to schedule a tryout.

Lincoln Park Rails 11U (2018)

City/Area:Downriver Area League:Tournament + Detroit Travel League
Contact:Jeff Piasecki
Team Info:The 11U Lincoln Park Rails is a newly formed team that will be participating in both league play through the Detroit Travel League and tournament play during the 2018 season. We are currently looking for 2 more well rounded players to fill our 2018 roster. Please contact Coach Jeff Piasecki at (313) 268- 6365 or lincolnpr11u@gmail.com for more information and to schedule a tryout.
Tryout Notes:We are currently looking for 2 more well rounded players to fill our 2018 roster. Please contact Coach Jeff Piasecki at (313) 268-6365 or lincolnpr11u@gmail.com for more information and to schedule a tryout.

Macomb Patriots 11U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF/Tournaments
Contact:John Hall
Team Info:This is a third-year team and our team's focus is to emphasize baseball fundamentals, skill development, and teamwork. The Macomb Patriots are a nonprofit organization so our sole focus is on the players. The Patriots will provide a program for local youth to play at the highest level of quality baseball in our area. While competing against the best travel teams in the area we will promote sportsmanship, knowledge of the game, commitment, and good friendships. Approximately 20-25 regular season games, and 4-7 tournaments (with 1-2 tournament played on the other side of the state). We will start indoor practice in late December early January through March and include training each week to ensure player development till it is warm enough to practice outside.
Tryout Notes:To set up individual workouts contact John Hall

MCBC Hit Dogs 11U (2018)

City/Area:Michigan League:Tournament
Contact:Scott Leonard
Team Info:Motor City Hit Dogs 11u is coached and developed by Scott Leonard. This team is a highly advanced group of boys that is looking to add a 1 player for the 2018 season. We are currently ranked #3 in the country by USSSA. Most of our tournaments have been played up in the higher division with great success. We have either placed 2nd or won 8 of the events so far in 2017. The training and preparation are far superior than our competition. Our training facilities that MCBC own gives our players unlimited access all year round. We have a fully turfed infield with 4 hitting cages we utilize along with another hitting facility with 3 cages exclusively for MCBC players. We offer strength and agility workouts on multiple days for our all our players as well. This is a one stop shop baseball facility.Come see why MCBC is the most successful organization in Michigan. Please email scottleonard70@gmail for a private workout.
Tryout Notes:Private tryout

Michigan Batbusters 11U (2018)

City/Area:Shelby / Macomb / Chesterfield League:MABF
Contact:Jim Teller
Team Info:The Michigan BatBusters are coached by Jim Teller, who has over 20 years of youth baseball coaching experience and has several former players now competing at the college level. The Batbusters train out of Vitale's Perfect Game (formerly called 'Extra Innings') in Shelby Township. This team will play fall ball from late August through October 1st, and will begin winter indoor training in January, 2018 (through mid-April). We plan to compete in the MABF 'A' division. For tournaments, we will play 1 to 2 winter / spring indoor events, and 4 to 6 local tournaments during the season, including a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN to play in the Ripken Experience in July. Our overriding goal is to teach and develop young student - athletes to attain a level where they can compete well at the high school level, and beyond that if they wish.
Tryout Notes:We are looking to add one pitcher / infielder to our club. Those interested in a private tryout may contact Jim Teller at 586-489-1814.

Michigan Blue Jays 11U (2018)

City/Area:Western Wayne/Washtenaw County League:KVBSA + Tournament
Contact:Mark DeVergilio
Team Info:AA/Advanced
Tryout Notes:Due to an unexpected job transfer, the Michigan Blue Jays 11U has an open roster spot for 2018. For a private tryout at the Blue Jays state of the art practice facility The Cage please contact Mark DeVergilio at 586-404-6746 or mrdeve2001@yahoo.com. http://www.michiganbluejays.com/page/show/1272997-home

Michigan Brewers - Hall 11U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Robert Hall
Team Info:The Brewers are a well know club that is dedicated to giving players the opportunity to strengthen their baseball skills within the organization while providing teams with the necessary tools, coaching, facility, and fields. Coach Hall has a 10+ year track record of getting players to the next level. He emphasizes physical fitness, increases baseball knowledge, stresses fundamentally sound baseball, and teaches the importance of teamwork. This team will have open gym workouts year round, indoor winter practices at an almost private facility, scrimmages, 20+ MABF league games, 5-7 tournaments, showcase opportunities, and possible summer/fall league play. The current team is returning players who have achieved multiple tournament wins and finished towards the top of the MABF A division. Coach Hall continues to look for players that love the game of baseball and have the work ethic to get to the next level. To schedule a tryout, please send an email to makocatch@gmail.com

Michigan Brewers - Kryscynski 11U (2018)

City/Area:Macomb, Nirth Macomb, St Clair League:Mabf
Contact:Jason Kryscynski
Team Info:This is a new Michigan Brewers 11U Team looking to add to existing core for the 2018 season. Coaching staff has extensive experience at Multiple levels. Team focus is on player development, enhancement, fundamentals, baseball knowledge, sportsmanship and team play. Will play MABF as well as 3-5 tournaments. Looking for players with an immense passion for the game who are willing to work hard and have fun. The Brewers offer indoor training facilities (year round) as well all the additional tools and instruction needed to progress.
Tryout Notes:Michigan Brewers are looking for 3 more players to round out our team for the upcoming season. Now conducting private tryouts for these last few remaining spots. Email jkryscynski@gmail.com with interest.

Michigan Lakers Travel Baseball Team 11U (2018)

City/Area:Downriver League:Detroit Travel League
Contact:Stacey Collins
Team Info:The Michigan Lakers are coached by Wayne Collins. We will be playing in league play as well as tournaments with 1-2 out of town. We are looking for a pitcher/catcher. We are looking for a player that is dedicated, hard working and loves the game.
Tryout Notes:Please email or call for a private tryout.

Michigan Nationals - Schroeder 11U (2018)

City/Area:Canton/Ypsilanti Township League:Tournament Only
Contact:Melissa Sampey
Team Info:Michigan Nationals 11u- Schroeder, a tournament only team is looking to add 1-2 experienced, competitive players to complete our roster. Pitching and catching is a plus!Players will have two practices each week thru the winter months (Tuesday & Sunday) at PSA, a Brand New, college-level facility. We will play 1-2 indoor tournaments throughout the winter. Approx 10 spring/summer tournaments, including a week long tournament to the Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach in June. Our team of boys and families are fabulous and have great chemistry.Please contact Melissa Sampey, Team Manager for more information by phone/text or email 734.637.2078 m.huntsampey@gmail.com

Michigan Storm 11U (2018)

City/Area:All Areas League:Tournament Only
Contact:Erik Wright
Team Info:11u Michigan Storm will be a tournament only team for the 2018 season and will be looking to fill a few open spots. This team currently holds a certificate to go to Cooperstown at 12u and plans to play a competitive tournament schedule during the 11u season. Please call or email to schedule a private tryout or if you plan to attend the organizational tryout in August.
Tryout Notes:We will be holding private tryouts throughout the month of July and organizational tryouts August 5th and 6th from 12pm-2pm at Homer Howard Park in Southgate Mi.

Michigan Titans Blue 11U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland County League:Tournament
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:We are a tournament only team and will practice and scrimmage during the week. Our team will train at the new GUTS Training Center. Coach is a paid, non-parent and best players will play. Along with our pitching and hitting coaches, the kids will have speed training with our speed coach, Brad Cochran (2-Time All-American for the University of Michigan and first round draft pick). We are about strong mechanics and fundamentals that they can take with them. We have strong core of kids and are only looking for 2 players. We are looking for good kids and good families.Of course every team is looking for an 11 year old that's 6' and throwing 70, but our job is to take athletic players and make them elite. Yes, the Titans play to win. But we never lose sight of the objective, to help our players reach the varsity baseball level.
Tryout Notes:The 2018 11U Titans are looking to add 2 players to our roster. If interested in a private tryout please contact us.

Michigan War Dogs 11U (2018)

City/Area:Michigan League:Tournaments
Contact:Jim Kraut
(248) 767-9275
Team Info:The 11U Michigan War Dogs will play a competitive tournament schedule in 2018. Our dedicated coaching staff (with experience at the professional and collegiate level) is looking for players that have a passion for the game and are committed to developing strong baseball fundamentals through focus and work ethic. Winter workouts are held at a state-of-the-art indoor facility in Plymouth. Spring practices are held at Maybury State Park in Northville.Please contact Jim Kraut for a private tryout.

Oakland Reds Baseball Club 11U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Dale Cozart
Damian Hull
Team Info:Oakland Reds are looking for a few more players to finalize the 2018 rosters. 50+Collegiate players since 2012.
Tryout Notes:Contact Dale Cozart - High School Division Director or Damian Hull - Asst High School Division Director to schedule a private tryout.

Plymouth Rails 11U (2018)

City/Area:Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Livonia League:WSBL
Contact:Joe Smith
Team Info:11U Team will play in the WSBL for the 2018 season - looking to add 2-3 players for the upcoming season13U Team will play in the WSBL for the 2018 Season - looking to add 2-3 players for the upcoming season.
Tryout Notes:Please send email to RailsBaseball@yahoo.com to set up a private tryout for either the 11U or 13U team

Royal Oak Nationals 11U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland/Macomb League:NOBF & 2-3 local tournaments
Contact:Derek DiGiovanni
Team Info:The Nationals will play in the NOBF League which will consist of about 20 games. We will also look to play in 2-3 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:If you are not able to make this tryout contact Manager-Derek DiGiovanni (derekdege@gmail.com/248-229-9371) to schedule a private tryout. Please register for the tryout at: https://goo.gl/forms/Brbk4JM4JhKDqeZM2

Total Baseball Travel 11U (2018)

City/Area:Metro Detroit League:Tournament Only
Contact:Eric Steplitus
Team Info:Total Baseball Travel offers everything to provide an excellent travel experience under one roof. Teams will practice at our second to none facilities; including our newly renovated turf and lit outdoor fields. Perks include free access to our facility, discounts on Total Baseball programs, discounts on equipment in the Total Sports Shop, discounts on trainers in the Performance Center, specialized content only available to travel players, etc. Please pre register by filling out the form (found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Tryout-Registration-Form.pdf) and emailing it to travelbaseball@totalsportscomplex.com.
Tryout Notes:Tryout dates for specific age groups are as follows:(9/10U: Tues, Aug 1 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 10am) (11/12U: Wed, Aug 2 6pm; Sat, Aug 12 12:30pm) (13U: Sat, Aug 5 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Sun, Aug 6 11am @ Catholic Central High School; Tues, Aug 8 6pm @ Total Baseball; Sat Aug 12 3pm @ Total Baseball) (14/15U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 10am) (16/18U: Sat, Aug 5 11am; Sun, Aug 6 11am; Mon, Aug 7 6pm; Sun, Aug 13 12:30)9-12U Tryouts will be at Total Baseball's outdoor fields (30990 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI 48393)13U Tryout location will be dependent on date14-18U Tryouts will be at Catholic Central High School (27225 Wixom Rd., Novi, MI 48374)More info can be found by visiting http://totalsportscomplex.com/baseball/travel-baseball-program/

Turnin 2 11U (2018)

City/Area:Oakland/Livingston/Washtenaw Counties League:KVBSA + Tournaments
Contact:Greg Everson
Team Info:Team Info: Turnin2 is a competitive travel team devoted to developing our boys as ball players through teamwork, hard work and high expectations. We have our own indoor training facility that any team member can use at any time year-round. Our head coach pitched for the University of Michigan and in the minor leagues as high as AAA. We play in the Advanced Division of the KVBSA and will play in approximately 4 tournaments including at least one overnight.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for one player to round out the roster including a pitcher who also excels on defense, has a winning attitude and wants to take their abilities to the next level. If your son is a competitor who wants to learn from some of the most qualified coaches in the area, email Coach Everson for a private tryout.

West Oakland Wings 11U (2018)

City/Area:Walled Lake Schools, Huron Valley Schools, Oakland County League:KVBSA
Contact:Brad Scheck
Team Info:The West Oakland Wings are a competitive program that will play in the advanced or open KVBSA for the 2018 season. We plan to play 6-7 tournaments with three or four being overnight. WOW11u Practices and plays primarily at Walled Lake Western High School. In some instances we may use Milford High School fields as well.
Tryout Notes:WOW 11U is looking to fill an open roster spot via a private tryout. We are seeking a competitive and coachable player with pitching and middle infield experience to join our program. If your player may be a fit, please contact head coach Brad Scheck via email, phone, or text. Bradleyscheck@yahoo.com248-722-0376